Friday Cozies – Week 27 of 2020

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a few snapshots from the week. We’ve been enjoying lots of books, a busy garden, and some baking. Come into my burrow to see!

Y’all. It’s been a wonderful week. We got a ton of rain, which has perked everything right back up. There have been days full of humidity, but the nights have been perfect for window fans. I managed to use up the rest of the strawberries we picked last week by baking this strawberry custard pie – and it was divine. I’d really like to perfect my custard game because I could eat this every day of the year. I have some blueberries that I know we’re not going to eat, I wonder if there’s a blueberry custard pie recipe? There is! And it looks delicious! You know what’s in store for us next.

We have finished eating all of the radishes from our garden and have replaced that row with lettuces and another effort with scallions. We’ve picked a ton of peas off the vines, but we’ve eaten them all before coming inside. Now we’re eagerly watching lots of baby cucumbers, squash flowers, and a few zucchini buds. Tomatoes are plumping up, beans are starting to vine, and peppers (sweet and hot) are forming flowers. Onions are strengthening, corn is growing, and sweet potatoes are mounding. 3 varieties of potatoes are flowering and are the biggest plants in the big garden. The pumpkin patch is stretching across the side yard and the watermelons, though much smaller than their pumpkin companions, are starting to make a show. Our freshly planted wisteria is strong, the elderberry bush is taking root, and the roses keep blooming. No daylily blooms yet, but their leaves are jungle-like. Sunflowers are starting to reach up to the sky! Did I miss anything from the garden? I’m sure I did. There’s a lot happening out there! (Carrots are struggling. Beets and scallions did not survive. Not everything is rainbows and unicorns in the garden.)

A VERY small snippet of books for Torchlight Curriculum. The Smithsonian History is not a part of the curriculum, but it’s too beautiful to pass up. Other books in this photo are: A Child Through Time, A City Through Time, When on Earth, and World Myths and Legends.

It’s been a good week for learning at home, which is encouraging. I purchased Torchlight Curriculum’s Level 1 and I’m so excited about getting started with it. It’s literature based and includes a LOT of reading guides, so I’ve spent most of my knitting time prepping for this curriculum. That’s okay – because it’s going to be awesome when we start! We moved the rocking chair from the baby’s room (where it was only used to hold blankets) to the dining room, and now we can snuggle into it all day long and read much more comfortably. I am so lucky.

On Wednesday I shared my progress on my Mariechen cardigan and I’m delighted by how quickly this is knitting up! I’m already thinking ahead to my next project: I’m torn between Vintage Berry and Cloudesley (heads up: these are Ravelry links, just in case you’re one of the people struggling with the new layout). I’m leaning towards Vintage Berry since it will be closer to fall when it will be finished. Maybe Cloudesley can be a late spring project for me next year.

I think that’s going to be all for me this week. I’m still working on my June highlights post and I hope to publish a mid-year reading update early next week. But I’m still planning to be back here on Monday armed with my hobonichi planner and some goals for the new week.

I hope you all enjoy this holiday weekend and stay safe!


7 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 27 of 2020

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  1. Thank you for sharing that link to the strawberry custard pie — we happen to have heavy cream and a lot of strawberries in the fridge that we need to use up, so I think I know what kiddo and I will be baking later today!

    I am impressed by your garden! Mine seems to be an utter failure. I have one tomato plant left. The peas are doing okay, but my cucumber and squash seedlings seemed to have died (too hot; not enough rain). It’s a good thing we’re not relying on my garden to feed us, so we’d have nothing to eat but rosemary and marigolds!

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    1. I hope you made the pie and love it! I thought the picture included with the recipe was unattractive, but was very happy with the flavor after mine baked!

      One of the benefits of growing so many plants is that there’s more room for error. We’ve lost several tomato and cucumber plants, but it didn’t matter too much because we started with two rows of tomatoes and a whole row of cucumbers. It’s been a tough year for gardening – we also went through a dry spell and had to water a lot, which feels so wasteful. Enjoy your peas!!


    1. Cathy – it was delicious! I hope you have some baked goods in your future 🙂 And yes – what a bargain! I took it off the shelf and was expecting a price tag of at least $5 – I was thrilled when it said $1!!!


    1. It was so good! And the Apple Hill Farm strawberries made it even more delicious 🙂

      Those carrots have been a disappointment year after year! It’s so discouraging, but we keep trying.

      I miss you!


  2. For some reason I couldn’t access this post from my WordPress reader so I finally found it by getting to it through your last post. Loved your pictures! I enjoy hearing about your garden. Mine hasn’t turned out that great this year but it’s still been fun to play around with it.


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