Friday Cozies – Week 26 of 2020

It’s Friday! On Fridays I like to share a few snapshot from the week. This week is mostly scenes from the garden. I hope you enjoy them!

Most of this week was really warm but we’ve still managed a couple of early hours outside every day. Matt is working hard on our garden and I got to munch on a bowl full of peas this week! Tomato clusters are starting to appear and many of my various flowers are blooming.

We went to a nearby farm and picked strawberries yesterday (sadly, I didn’t take any pictures). It was so much fun! The humidity was lower than it has been and it was a beautiful day. The parking area was full but the field was large so it was easy to keep a physical distance from other groups. We now have a ton of jam made and I’ve socked away a bowl full of the strawberries for some baking. I’m kicking myself for not getting rhubarb at the farm!

I have been knitting like mad during our daily quiet time and I’m listening to audiobooks as often as possible. It’s helped that I have two round trips to Concord a day to take Bug back and forth to his treatment center – that’s a lot of “reading” time! If it weren’t for audio, I’d have made zero reading progress over the last few weeks. But I’ve hit a wall with the Ruth Galloway mysteries. It seems as though the next two in the series (The Ghost Fields and The Woman in Blue) aren’t available on audio — even on audible! There’s an error that says it’s not for sale in the US. So until I’m in the mood to actually read a book with my eyes, I think the Ruth Galloway series is on hold for me. Any other suggestions for cozy mysteries is most welcome!

That’s it from me this week, friends. I hope you have a happy and safe weekend.


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    1. Thanks Gretchen! It’s a perfect recommendation, but I’ve read all of them. I’ve decided to get on the waitlist for my favorite – The Beautiful Mystery – for a re-listen!


    1. No, I haven’t! Thank you for the recommendation!! It doesn’t look like they’re available on my library’s overdrive, but I’ll try the series when I get another audible credit!


  1. Your garden is looking great! We just got our first pea flower a couple of days ago, so those plants appear to be doing well, though our second tomato plant now appears to be dying. Boo.

    As far as reading recommendations, have you read any of the Maisie Dobbs books? I’ve listened to a couple and enjoyed them.

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    1. Thanks Sarah! I’m sorry about the tomato plant – gardening is so fickle! Enjoy the peas when they start to grow!

      I have NOT read any Maisie Dobbs books! I just got on the waitlist on overdrive, but the wait will be about 10 weeks for 3 copies! It must be quite popular! I’m looking forward to it 🙂


  2. Love the pics of your garden…beautiful and “yum yum” in store. Hold tight on the cozy mystery category…Louise Penny has a new Inspector Gamache due in Nov, I believe. Debbie Macomber writes cozies -tho’ they aren’t totally mysteries…
    Good Luck.

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    1. I am so excited for the new Gamache! I think this one is in Paris??! I’ve never read a Debbie Macomber – I’ll explore more. Thank you!


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