Hobonichi Weeks – Week 26 of 2020

Happy Monday, friends. I like to take some time on Monday mornings to look back on last week’s spread in my Hobonichi Weeks. Each day I document my tasks, habits, and writing time. I also spend a few minutes writing just a couple of sentences about the day. Right now I’m using my habit tracker to help me cut out fast food and make healthier choices. Please read on to see how my week went!

First of all, my big streaks have continued (!). Today marks 85 days of morning pages and yesterday was 81 days of 10k steps or more. It was another difficult week when it came to waking up and going to bed – I had a hard time not pushing snooze and I didn’t manage my evening reflections at all. That’s okay — it’s just something to pay attention to.

I only ate out once last week! I got a breakfast sandwich at Dunks on Wednesday morning because it was a particularly bad morning. But most importantly, we managed to eat at home through the weekend, which is a miracle in itself. So that means 30 more dollars into my corgi fund!

This week’s goal is the same: to prepare all of my own meals. Every day that I eat my own food will add $5 into my corgi fund. If you’re keeping track, my corgi fund currently sits at $80!

This is all I have today! I plan to be back tomorrow to share my progress with my One Little Word. I hope Monday treats you well!


5 thoughts on “Hobonichi Weeks – Week 26 of 2020

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  1. Way to go on growing your corgi fund! Remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s totally okay if once in a while you treat yourself to a meal out (all busy moms are entitled to get a break from cooking once in a while!).

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    1. Thanks Sarah! You’re totally right. I’m just the type of person who will slip up one time and then not be able to stop. I think if I let my guard down, I’ll be eating fast food three times a day for a while!! Ha.

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