Books I’m Loving – December 2019

The last time I linked up with The Modern Mrs. Darcy and shared what I’m loving lately was June 2019. And then I had a really rocky spring and summer, but kept reading throughout. I’m not going to go back and list all of the great books I’ve read in the last six months, but I want to share my favorites from the past 30 days or so. And I’m going to try to write these more consistently!

I couldn’t put Code Name Helene down! I was thrilled when I got a copy from Netgalley – it’s the same way I was able to read I Was Anastasia from the same author – and I curled up with it as soon as I could. Nancy Wake is an ex-Australian happily living in France when Germany invades during WWII. Not content with sitting idly, she finds ways to keep busy in the French Resistance until she’s able to join the British Special Operations forces. Nancy is such a complex character – undeniably feminine with a no-nonsense attitude that strikes fear into even the harshest of soldiers. I loved this book and can’t wait until everyone else can meet Nancy Wake in March!

Ninth House was another compulsive read for me. Think about the cozy elements of Harry Potter – dorm rooms, enchanted libraries, beautiful school campuses. Then mix in the supernatural elements like ghosts and magic. And then add a great big dose of drugs and alcohol. That’s basically the feel of Ninth House! This was such a great escape from the craziness of this time of the year. I really enjoyed my time with this book!

The Dutch House is a serious contender for my best read of the year. For some reason, I have a really difficult time describing this one. I think it’s because it tells such a sweeping family story over a long period of time, despite it’s relatively short length. It’s the story of the Conroy family, told by Danny, and how wealth rarely answers anyone’s prayers. It centers around the ownership of their family home, The Dutch House. I’m hoping that Patchett writes another book about this family, but this time from Danny’s sister’s, Maeve, perspective.

I’m so happy to be joining with this community again today! Have you read any of these? Any recommendations for me? Please be sure to say hi!


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