Cozy Weekends

It’s the first full weekend in September! It’s officially fair season in New Hampshire so last weekend we loaded up and cuddled so many sheep and goats that it was ridiculous. All three of my children discovered cotton candy so it was really easy to keep them happy during our time there. What a win!

Here’s a few more things that I’ve been swooning over the last couple of weeks:

Vintage Handkerchiefs

I’ve been stalking our Goodwill for months hoping to score some vintage handkerchiefs. Can you believe that I’ve had no luck? But luckily, I found these on Amazon and ordered a 10 pack. My husband likes to say that I’m “a certain kind of person.” I don’t dare ask what kind of person that is!

I’ve enjoyed always having a handkerchief on hand and am actually a bit surprised by how handy they are. I guess I should expect it with three children 5 and under!

Cleaning Closets

School has started! So that meant going through the closets of all three kids (even though only one is actually in school) and deciding what can be donated and what needs to go in the trash. Knowing that everything we reach for is going to fit is such a relief. I like doing this at the beginning of every season because I can take a quick inventory of what we need and I know that I’m never going to be totally overwhelmed when it comes time to clean.


I go through a fresh wave of angst every September. It’s time to find planner peace, which is impossible for someone who likes notebooks like me. This year, I think I’ve decided to go simple: This Hobonichi Weeks for my to-do lists/tracking and a simple a5 ruled notebook for daily journaling.

This year Hobonichi created a day-free notebook (one that isn’t pre-labeled with dates) that I was very tempted by. Still am, actually. I love hobonichi’s tamoe river paper and how elegant they look. So as I write this, I might have just talked myself out of the plan I’ve created. Oh, why is this so hard?!!

Ghost Hunters is back!

When I lived in Austin, I was obsessed with the show Ghost Hunters. I randomly saw that it started again, but this time on A&E. You can catch it on Wednesday nights and it is the perfect show for knitting and fall! It’s so creepy and fun. This week they went back to the lighthouse in St. Augustine, Florida which was a crazy investigation!

Hazelnut Simple Syrup

I usually drink my coffee black, but I recently started adding some homemade hazelnut simple syrup when I’m looking for a pick me up. It’s easy to do: Combine 1 cup water with 1 cup sugar in a pot. Warm the pot until all of the sugar dissolves and remove from the heat. Then add 1 tsp hazelnut extract – voila! Fancy coffee that you can have at home. I bought my hazelnut extract from Amazon because I couldn’t find any in my grocery store, but can’t find the exact product to link to.

I store it in recycled Bonne Maman jam jars – the kind with the red gingham tops. I can never bear to throw them away because they’re so darn cute and they clean up so easily. I have a ton of them floating around in my cabinets and they are endlessly useful.

Any plans for the weekend? How’s the weather where you are? I’m hoping for a beautiful Autumn for you all!


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  1. Those planners… oh my! They are too cute! And!! I love the hazelnut coffee idea! (I do the same with a cinnamon syrup – super easy to make and it feels like such a treat!


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