Cozy Weekends

This week has been steamy, but full of some of my favorite things. Here’s just a few things I’ve been enjoying.


There’s only one thing I can think about when the humidity starts to rise: THUNDERSTORMS! I love rainy days and hearing the loud crashes of thunder. We’ve had a couple this week that have been thrilling. My oldest gets excited when he sees the skies darken, “there’s rain clouds coming, Mommy!”

The Garden

Our garden has been producing some beautiful fruits and vegetables! We’ve been picking zucchini and squash, eating tomatoes right off the bush, and anxiously awaiting our watermelons. My husband also picked about 10 peaches off of our baby peach tree which we’ll be making into a cobbler!

Fried Bologna Sandwiches

Don’t ask me why, but fried bologna sandwiches are my favorite summertime food. Just get it nice and steamy in a pan and then add lots of mayo to the bread and I’m happy! I’ve indulged often this summer.

Fried Green Tomatoes

I’ve also been enjoying fried green tomatoes, thanks to our garden. I’m using this recipe and they come out crunchy and spicy and like little slices of heaven. I don’t even need anything to dip them in – they’re so good by themselves!

Korean Aesthetic Bags

Notebook Therapy has these beautiful bags that I’ve been pining over, especially the yellow one. I go to the website and stare at them at least once a week. I love the handles and the pretty pastel colors, which make them look like little Easter eggs!

Thanks for reading about a few of my favorite things lately! Fall is peeking just around the corner – are you ready??!


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