February 2019 – Recent Books that I’ve Loved

The last month has been an incredible reading month for me. I have been starving for good books and was lucky enough to find quite a few.

Thank you to the Modern Mrs. Darcy for hosting this monthly linkup! If you are looking for some book recommendations, click on over to her post and find plenty of dedicated readers with some incredible books.

Once Upon A River

I was a huge fan of The Thirteenth Tale and was excited to find this at my library. It was like a fairy tale, which I’m finding that I still love to read. I was captivated by the mystery surrounding a little girl found, quite certainly, dead in the river. That is, until she came back to life.

Hallelujah Anyway

Anne Lamott is so heartwarming and funny. Hallelujah Anyway was so thought-provoking that I wrote a blog post after reading it, which I don’t always do anymore. Let’s all just try to be nicer to ourselves, shall we?


I was scared to read Marilynne Robinson, but Gilead gave me permission to try more by her. Here’s my blog post on the book. This book made me think about how I do or don’t forgive others and about savoring the small moments in my life. I can’t wait to read more by this author!


One of the most engaging and unbelievable memoirs I’ve ever read! It’s another that I couldn’t resist writing more about. It reminded me that everyone has a story to tell and you might not believe it when you hear it. It also solidified the fact that we’re all capable of doing better when we know better. Fabulous. Fantastic. Flabbergasting.


This was a contemporary Gothic thriller that I just couldn’t put down! I loved everything about this book and have been raving about it to all of my reader friends.

Phew! I told you that the last month has been incredible for me! Have you read any of these? Any recommendations for me based on these books?


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