Scrumptious English Paper Piecing

One of the projects that I’ve been reaching for lately has been an english paper piecing project that I’ve been working on since December 2014 – nearly four years! Here’s its current state:


Each of these hexies has been hand sewed into place over the last four years. I was terrified of hand sewing when I first started quilting, but hand binding quickly became my favorite part of the quilting process. There’s something about being able to frame and tuck in all of those loose ends that’s so soothing. And using just needles and thread with a big quilt on your lap? It’s just cozy beyond measure.

And that’s what conquering your fears is about right? Being cautious or pessimistic about your ability to do something and then, little by little, discovering that you can? And, even, that you like it?

IMG_2998So I started cutting out lots and lots of squares. Hundreds. Maybe thousands? I don’t know really, because I’m still cutting those white suckers and I’m really bad at estimating numbers. And then I made my own paper pieces (the hexagon shape) and glue basted each piece of fabric to a hexagon. After that, came the sewing. Definitely hundreds of hours of sewing. I’m nearly through – only about a hundred more hours to go I reckon, ha!

I’m using one of my favorite fabric lines: Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille. It’s out of print, so I’m happy that I was able to snag a lot of it in an Etsy sale a few years back. And isn’t this line dreamy? I always love the colors that Bonnie and Camille choose and they design the cutest florals. Florals are my favorites and no one does them like Bonnie and Camille.

I’ve tried listening to audiobooks while sewing, but lately they’ve been giving me headaches. So I’m mostly watching the news (mistake) or shows on Netflix. I finished the first season of The Chilling of Adventures of Sabrina, which was dark and fun. I also keep The Great British Baking Show on loop!

Even though I haven’t been doing as much reading, it feels good to have some projects be propelled. And I’m especially full of joy when I get to work on this beauty!

(Yes, I’m using two whites by mistake. No, I’m not ripping out and starting over.)

How about you? What have you been doing besides reading lately? And what have you been hesitant to try, only to find that you actually love it?!


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