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Tip! Remember to Oil Your Machine

Sewing Tip Remember to Oil Your MachineI’m the worst at remembering to do basic maintenance on my machine.  My primary machine is my Juki TL2000QI which I adore.  It’s not a computerized one, just a good old fashioned workhorse.  It’s actually an industrial machine so I know that Judy Juki can do almost anything that I want her to…  as long as I take care of her, of course!

I’ve heard that it’s ideal to oil Jukis every second bobbin, but I’m a bit too lazy for that.  So I’m aiming to oil Judy every three bobbins.  But who can keep track of which bobbin they’re on while sewing??  So I had to find a way to track my bobbin count with whatever I had on hand without relying on my memory.


It’s super simple and SEW CUTE!  After I’ve oiled my machine, I stick three pieces of washi tape to the side of my table.  That means that I’m on my first bobbin.  When I finish that first bobbin and rewind the next bobbin, I move a piece of the tape from the table to my machine deck – that means that I’ve gone through one complete bobbin.  After I wind the second bobbin, I move a second piece of tape over to my machine – I’m on my second bobbin now:



After I wind the third bobbin, then I move that last piece of tape over to my machine deck.  Now, after I wind it a fourth time, there’s no more tape to move over, so I know that I need to oil my machine BEFORE I start sewing with that fourth bobbin:


Simple, right?  I am always so happy when I find these little hacks, because I’m not usually very creative with these types of things!  I hope you find it useful when caring for your precious machine.  How often do you oil your machine?  And how do you remember to do it??


2 thoughts on “Tip! Remember to Oil Your Machine

  1. My rule of thumb is to oil the hook race every time I wind a bobbin, and to oil the whole machine at the end of each project. Works well for medium-sized projects like clothes, but may be not frequent enough if you’re making great big quilts…

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