Dumbledore will make 2017 better; and other links

Happy New Year’s Eve!  I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite books and writing links from this week.  I hope that you enjoy them and find a little nugget to take with you!

Self Publishing: An Insult to the Written Word – it’s a bit judgmental and insulting to self publishers, but worth a ponder.  It focuses on how writers spend their entire lives crafting their work and publishers are the gatekeepers that ensure that the work is solid.  I am usually skeptical of “gatekeepers,” but in this case, I think I might agree.  I would much rather publish a manuscript knowing that an agent, editor, and publishing company believe that my work is worthwhile, rather than just me making that decision.  Again – this one is insulting to self-publishers, so proceed with caution!

Simon & Schuster has made a book deal with the devil – okay, not the real devil, but pretty close.  They’ve signed a $250k contract with a man that spews hateful rhetoric and was kicked off of Twitter for it.  And if you are kicked off of Twitter that means that you have said some pretty offensive stuff.  Trust me, twitter is full of trolls!  There’s a whole twitter movement to boycott S&S now.

The most important books of the last twenty years – an awesome round up of books by an incredible group of writers!!

Notable Literary Deaths in 2016 –  2016 has been hard, y’all.  And the toll on the literary world has been no different.  Grab some tissues and mourn the beloved!

Sneak peek into the world’s oldest library – Go swoon.  I’ll wait for you to come back.

Welcome back!  Now go check out 6 Dumbledore quotes to give you hope for the future.

There?  Aren’t you ready for 2017 now?  We’ve got this, friends!


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