Books on Writing That Are Hidden Gems

This week's Top Ten Tuesday theme is on hidden gems. I love reading books on writing, and thought that this would be a fun topic. A lot of us have heard of Stephen King's On Writing and Margaret Atwood's Negotiating With the Dead, but there are so many out there that aren't as popular! I prefer... Continue Reading →

Old Book Lists

Longtime book list maker here. And now I have the evidence to prove it! A few weeks ago I found a couple of trusty notebooks that have traveled with me for a LONG time! The video above is the notebook that I started the summer of 2000, which would have been just before my junior... Continue Reading →

The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova

This is going to sound super dramatic, but The Swan Thieves is the perfect example of what I love about reading books. I loved it! Andrew Marlow is a psychiatrist living and working in DC. He's practicing medicine for practical reasons, but his passion is painting. He gets a call from a fellow psychiatrist with... Continue Reading →

Deep Work by Cal Newport

I listened to Deep Work by Cal Newport on audio and I'm kicking myself for not just buying the book. There were so many useful ideas listed and I wish I could have marked up the pages. In Deep Work, the author differentiates deep work from "shallow work." Shallow work is anything that is consumed... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Tuesday: Back to School!

Today I'm joining The Broke and the Bookish to share ten recommendations that are back to school related! I did a very similar post on this topic last year for TTT, so if you were a reader a year ago, then some of this will sound very familiar. But books set in literary or academic settings are... Continue Reading →

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Station Eleven is a dystopian novel set in Toronto. There has been an outbreak of the Georgian Flu, which is rapidly spreading throughout the world. St. John Mandel took on the complicated task of weaving together the stories of several people before, during, and after the outbreak. The bulk of this novel follows Kirsten, a young... Continue Reading →

My Tome Topple Check In

Tome Topple is officially over! Here's a link to my original plan, but I can't stick to a plan to save my life. I did manage to finish two tomes, just not my two original choices. I have posts written and scheduled to be published over the next couple of weeks, but wanted to gush over... Continue Reading →

One Space or Two?

My mind was recently blown. Maybe this has happened to you? I was scrolling through Twitter and taking in my daily allotment of world atrocities, when I came across this tweet: I need to have a word with whoever taught academics to put two spaces after a period. — Nicole Hemmer (@pastpunditry) June 24, 2017... Continue Reading →

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