In The Distant Hours, the Blythe sisters worry that they won't recognize when they officially become "old" so they come up with a list of "old people" characteristics that will help them know. One that has stuck with me: a person is old when they have to sit down to put on their underwear*.  Well,… Continue reading

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Letting Myself Breathe

PROLOGUE: I’ve been trying to publish this post since Tuesday, but have been having technical difficulties with my blog. Something about missing SSL certificates, whatever the heck that is. But thanks to lots of time chatting with tech support, it looks like I’m back up and running. It was the perfect pairing for this week… Continue reading Letting Myself Breathe


Year of Abundance: How to Work in Distractions in a Mindful Way

  Part of this year's goal of recognizing the abundance around me includes minimizing distractions. I am hoping to find the activities and things that make me truly happy and put the kibosh on distractions that don’t really bring me joy. To do this, I’ve been trying to narrow down my extra-curricular activities. The hope… Continue reading Year of Abundance: How to Work in Distractions in a Mindful Way


Abundance: What’s Saving My Life Right Now

  Today Anne Bogel at the Modern Mrs. Darcy is having a link up to celebrate the halfway point of winter. Click on over to find lots of different people sharing the things that are saving their lives right now. I'm spending every Friday this year observing the things that bring abundance into my life,… Continue reading Abundance: What’s Saving My Life Right Now