February Thaw?

Colton just got on the bus and I have a few minutes to type a paragraph or two before Bryce, Bronwyn, and I get started with school today. I have a small bout of spring fever this morning and have had flowers on my mind. A quick glance at my blog reader this morning makes me think that many of you are feeling the same way?

Do you see the dormant hydrangea to the left in the top picture? That’s about where my crocuses will be coming up in mid to late March. I’ve carefully documented this in my five year journal for the last four years (yes – that means this notebook is almost full) and know that, despite the relatively warm weather on the horizon, this is a false alarm. There will be a February thaw (and mud season) and then it will all refreeze and it will feel like we’re back in the depths of winter.

But have no fear – it won’t last long. Once we spot the crocus blades, we’ll be on the lookout for tulips and daffodils. And then we’ll be planting peas and lettuces. Soon after, we can expect a few fresh asparagus spears and the vegetable and flower planting will begin in earnest.

Part of me is ready for this transition to sunnier days and more time outside. Another part of me wants to savor the winter, the relative stillness, and the permission to stay cozy indoors. So I’m doing my best to embrace it instead of wishing it away.

I hope you’re able to enjoy this weekend — whatever season it happens to be.


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  1. Good morning Katie! We were out hunting for daffodils evidence lately. A few days of sun and people are shedding coats and hats but I know not to really put them away. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. We have been experiencing a much gentler winter so far…only one week of really frigid weather as in -42 Celsius windchill… this week has been mild and there are puddles on the roads and snow melting, it’s just a tease really as our spring never truly starts until May.
    I just posted a bumblebee quilt on my blog and the quilt on my frame I have named bring on spring as the backing reminds me of green grass and leaves!
    I hope that you have a great weekend!


  3. I think we always get a February thaw to help us get through those last weeks of winter — it’s nature’s reminder that spring is coming! I still remember the day of my bat mitzvah in February 1994. It was about 70 degrees outside, but the boiler broke in the synagogue, so it was freezing inside!


    1. It will be here before we both know it! Right now I’m trying to resist the urge to fill my house with plants to make up for the lack of flowers outside. I’m trying to remind myself that this is temporary and I won’t want a lot of extra inside work when the weather warms up. It’s not working!!

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    1. Yes — we are in the midst of mud season. It will likely freeze again next week and we’ll start the whole process again, but right now we are tracking in a ton of mud every day!! As wonderful as spring is, there are definite downsides to it!


  4. Our winter has been relatively mild with two very cold spots. I notice the sun sets a little later each week. You express my thoughts to well – embracing winter (which I love) and looking forward to planting and growing season.


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