Friday | Welcome to July

This week might’ve been the fastest of my life! I cannot believe the holiday weekend is upon us and that it is the first day of July. July! Summer will be over before we know it, so I’m thinking I need to pick up my knitting needles and get my current sweater finished and ready to go! Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself… perhaps we could just enjoy the flowers for now?

I’m still delighted by the flowers slowly blooming in the yard. The snapdragons have been so much to watch the last few weeks. Also blooming: lavender and black-eyed susans. The bergamot is getting ready to flower; I can always tell because the tips of their stalks start to look like little dumplings.

We picked lots of peas this week! They never make it in the house – we always end up snacking on them outside. It’s nearly time to start picking lettuce, so I’m looking forward to plenty of salads as the weather keeps warming up.

I’m still enjoying listening to the birds and relying on the Merlin app to identify them. While at my desk earlier this week, I picked up this short recording of a House Wren:

The kitten was also at my desk and staring intently out the window. And then I saw the wren sitting on a post just nearby, so tiny and so loud. I love everything about wrens – their shapes, their songs, even the word wren with its silent w. I’ve been telling Matthew for years that it’s one of my favorite words. There was even a character named Wren in Fangirl, which was a fun book.

Maybe that’s enough about wrens today? I’ll just say one more obvious thing: they bring me total joy.

Other things that have brought me joy this week:

  • I participated in my first Zoom call on Saturday! It was to discuss books for the Erdrich-Along, which I couldn’t resist despite my rigidity about not wanting to use Zoom. It was so fun and I hope to be able to join more of the Louise Erdrich discussions.
  • Our drive on the Kanc last Sunday was perfect.
  • Today is our last day of school! We’re taking a two week break and will pick up a light summer schedule in mid-July. I am so thankful for the break and an opportunity to get my brain ready for a new school year.
  • Matthew is on vacation next week too!
  • The last two episodes of this season of Stranger Things is released today. You guys. The show gets better with each season — I am so excited to find out what happens!!

Matthew is smoking a 17 pound brisket on Sunday so I think our meals for the entire week are covered. Works for me! I’m hoping to make it to my local Indie bookstore at some point this weekend to buy the next couple of Erdrich’s for the Erdrich-Along and a few more books that have been calling my name. How about you? Anything exciting you’re hoping for?

Whatever is on your agenda – I hope it’s exactly what you need to feel rested and rejuvenated. Take good care.


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  1. I love the House Wren recording! β™₯️πŸ₯° A fellow bird-lover here. I’m all for just enjoying the flowers, yours are lovely. I’m trying to slow myself down, internally, at least, and savor each day. I really want to try and join a zoom book discussion sometime, too. πŸ˜„β™₯️


    1. The zoom book discussion was so much fun! And it’s been wonderful to slow down and just watch the birds for a while. I hope you’re having a lovely summer break, Amy!

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  2. I was in the bathroom the other day and heard some cooing — and when I peeked through the window, there was a dove perched on the ledge on the other side. It gave me some funny side-eye! It’s not the most glamorous of birds, but it was a fun little bird encounter.

    I can’t believe it’s already July — this summer is going by too fast! But I’m glad we have a long weekend ahead so we can stop to savor it.


    1. Yes – you’re right! They ARE feisty! I’m hoping to get some nesting boxes for them next spring. I want a yard full of wrens!!

      I hope your weekend was what you needed. Here’s to a new week!


  3. Wrens are really very cute. Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend. I’m helping my eldest son celebrate his birthday and watching tennis at Wimbledon on the TV


  4. The pictures of the flowers are so beautiful. I love to see and watch birds! Some of my favorites are finches. And I love the beautiful vibrant color of the bluejays. Hope you have a wonderful week!


    1. Thanks Karen! Finches are so much fun to watch. We get a ton of them in our feeder in late winter. Bluejays ARE a lot of fun to watch… but they’re such bullies at the feeder. I can’t believe how much I’ve grown to love birds!

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      1. My mom loved birds and would sit out on her sunporch and watch them. She kept a bird book next to her chair on the sunporch. My youngest daughter has memories of sitting with Mamaw watching birds with the bird book trying to identify what kind of birds she saw. πŸ™‚

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  5. Lovely flowers Katie! I’ve been cutting some of our snapdragons to bring inside. Wrens are one of my favorite birds too. We had a family nesting in a house hanging on a branch of our apple tree. The youngsters have fledged, but one adult is still hanging out and singing loudly each day.


  6. It was so nice to meet you at our zoom book discussion! Your garden is lovely! Thanks for sharing the photos and the wren song. I enjoy hearing and watching the birds every morning while I have coffee on my patio.


  7. We had wrens in one of our bluebird houses this summer. They are long gone now, but they were so found to watch. They followed us around the patio singing and chirping. I wasn’t sure if they were telling us to stay away from their babies or if they were enjoying our company!


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