Last Friday of June

Can you believe that today is the last Friday of June? What a month! I’m here today to share my Queen of Denmark rose and a few other things that have kept me going this week. Fridays are for sharing joy here at The Cozy Burrow, so I’ll hope you’ll include a thing or two of your own in the comments.

What a difference a day makes! My Queen of Denmark rose went from a tight fist of pink petals to a full-blown rose in one day. I must admit that my favorite part of its life is the Tuesday version – so many delicate layers. We have lots of roses in bloom right now – yellows, hot pinks, and deep reds are tucked away into all of the corners. My snapdragons are close to blooming and I hope to be able to show you some of those next week as long as they survive. A few tops were cut clean off during an intense game of frisbee.

It has been warmer this week, but still completely manageable. We’ve spread out the quilt under the maple tree almost every day and spent several hours outside each afternoon. I might have fallen asleep a time or two. Rain has been scarce so we’ve been tapping into the rain barrel to water the flowers and using the hose for the garden. I’m having a hard time keeping everything weeded, which is not a surprise.

Other joys from the week:

  • The Women’s Prize for Fiction shared Ruth Ozeki’s reading list this week. After some Discord discussions, I’ve decided to start with The Housekeeper and the Professor. I put in a request at my library and they’re ordering a copy. Ozeki’s list is packed with Japanese authors and I’m excited to dive in.
  • I found another South Korean vlogger who I adore: Nyongsoop. She lives alone in the country and mostly shares cooking videos. I am so inspired and encouraged by these beautiful snapshots into people’s lives.
  • The videos have encouraged me to use all of my pretty pots and pans. Several years ago I found a Cathrineholm snowflake pot (pictured above, far left) at an antique store and I’ve only used it during the holidays. I don’t mean to save it for special occasions, I just forget about it because it’s tucked away. But I’ve been making an effort to use it and my Pyrex dishes every day and it’s been so much fun. (The Amish Butterprint is my favorite Pyrex design.)
  • My copy of Tomb of Sand arrived yesterday from Blackwell’s. I’m excited to start this International Booker winner on July 1st with a few other Fiction Matters members.
  • One more week until our two week school vacation! I am salivating for a break.

This weekend is supposed to be a bit warmer, so I’m not sure what’s on our agenda. We might end up taking a long ride around the big lake or up to the mountains despite the gas prices. I plan to be back on Monday with my One Little Word update for June. I hope you all have a quiet and relaxing weekend – take good care!


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  1. I can’t believe it’s the last Friday in June — I am in denial! This month has gone by way too quickly. We’ve been pretty dry here as well, and with the heat, I’ve been out watering a lot and feel badly about how much water I’m using (though I’m only watering the plants and not the grass). One of these days I need to set up a rain barrel for this purpose.

    I’m off to explore Ruth Ozeki’s reading list!


  2. June always seems to fly by for me. Your roses are beautiful and I love that you are enjoying such quality outside time 😊
    We are a little behind you but summer is finally here, the kids have a few days left before summer break.
    Your Pyrex is so special, I love mine too.


    1. Thank you, Wendy! I was very lucky to find all of these separately at different antique stores… I nearly have the full set! So glad to hear that summer has arrived for you – what a winter!


  3. Lovely, lovely weather in central Maine. My joy is to be on the patio in our backyard, where I watch all the fluttering, buzzing life. Chipmunks race. Birds call to each other. The garden is nearly at its best. Nearby, is the deep green of the forest, mysterious yet soothing.


  4. June has just raced by… I am really feeling the need to slow time down! (A quilt under a tree sounds like the perfect way to do that!)



  5. Those roses are lovely. My John Cabots have buds but no blooms yet. I have also been having trouble weeding, but that’s because we’ve had so much rain! I think I’ll be able to get out there today.


  6. I read “The Housekeeper and the Professor” quite some time ago, and really enjoyed it. “Tomb of Sand” looks very interesting. We are hoping to get to NH again this fall – that lake is gorgeous and the mountains…can’t beat them! Hope your weekend was lovely.


  7. and whoosh! now the weekend has passed by, too. I just love having a post full of joy to visit – even on a Monday (and especially after the last 72 hours) … your pyrex collection is so good! I have corning, but no pyrex. I think my aunt got the extensive collection that my grandmother had … or maybe some lucky person found it in an antique store 🙂


    1. Oh, I would have loved to be that lucky person in the antique store!! The weekend went by much too quickly, didn’t it? I hope your week is going well, Mary!


  8. Hi Katie, I inherited my mom’s butterprint pyrex bowls and was shocked to find out recently the paint on the exterior is very high in lead. Old bowls begin to flake that paint and it is toxic, especially to young children. I took mine to a household toxics round-up and got clear glass bowls as a replacement. See Lead Safe Mama website.


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