A Friday Happy Birthday

Today is my 38th birthday! Matthew had arranged for his sister to watch the kids around lunchtime so that we could go out to eat together for the first time since March 2019 – a full year before the pandemic even began. Yesterday we decided it wise that we cancel because we are both battling an ugly cold. We would have still went if this were pre-pandemic, but things have changed now. And that’s okay because Matthew’s birthday is in March and we’re trying to get a raincheck with his sister.

Winter weather returned this week but it’s been a roller coaster. Our ice and snow didn’t melt away with the last warm front, so we had an icy gleam on our driveway all week. It started to rain last night, which has turned everything to slush. And we’re expecting a severe cold front this morning that will likely turn that slush back to ice so it will be a jagged and slippery walk out to the cars for a little while longer!

I’ll give you an example of how this week has gone. Yesterday morning we decided to cancel on today’s lunch date because of our colds. Then Matthew got a call that one of his co-supervisors had a seizure at work and had to be rushed to the hospital, so Matthew decided to go into work super early to help cover for his co-supervisor and the management staff who all went to the hospital with him. As soon as Matthew left, Bryce got a nosebleed that lasted about 40 minutes (he’s okay – they are common this time of year). And Colton threw up on the bus on the way home and continued to be sick throughout the evening. That was all just yesterday!

Thankfully Matthew was able to come home from work around 10pm, which is 4-5 hours earlier than usual, so it was nice to chat with him before I fell asleep. We watched the last few figure skating performances of this Olympics together and were so sad about how everything played out. The Olympics are typically so joyful and this scandal sucked that joy out of it all. In the future, I hope the IOC takes a tougher stance against countries who flout the rules, especially when children are involved. I don’t believe Kamila Valieva deserved the heartbreaking ending she got yesterday, even if she knew what she was ingesting. She is a cog in their Olympics machine and is simply 15 years old. She deserves a better team around her. And now I’ll get off my soapbox.

(PS: I love that Johnny Weir could translate the Russian for us as it was being spoken. I can’t believe I will have to wait 4 more years for my Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski fix. They are the best!)


I’ve been sharing my meal plans to keep me motivated to cook at home and to help others who might be struggling to find something new. As always, please leave your own favorite recipes in the comments. They are very helpful to me!

You’ll notice that we had nachos on Saturday and Sunday last weekend! It was the Super Bowl and Matthew was really excited. Combine all of those nachos with lots of leftovers from the week before (chicken and rice, Shepherd’s Pie, black beans and quinoa), and we had a “use it up” kind of week. Lots of refrigerator raiding for meals, which is fine by me. It feels good to clean out the fridge and to make sure we’re not wasting food.

Saturday: Sheet Pan Chicken Nachos. We used chicken thighs, cooked them in the Instant Pot, and then shredded the chicken. It was delicious!

Sunday: Chili Con Queso. I mostly followed this recipe, but doubled the chili and added rotel. I also made a great big salad because I was totally queso-ed out by the evening. And did you guys see the ads with J. Lo? I was happy to be eating salad by the time the Super Bowl actually started. Ha!

Monday: leftovers

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: Rotisserie chicken + salad + homemade garlic bread

Thursday: sandwiches + salad. I was going to make a meal, but became overwhelmed by things at home. I’ll save the ingredients for another day.

Friday (today!): We were going to make pizzas at home but have decided we’ll order them since we had to cancel our lunch out.

Colton will be home from his programs today because he was sick yesterday. Matthew had planned to take today off, but he’ll be going in this afternoon to help cover for his coworker that got sick yesterday. I think I’ll skip homeschooling with my other two children because – whew! It’s been a tough week and we could all use a little break. I’m hoping things slow down this weekend and I find time for lots of birthday stitching, which would be the best gift I could ask for. I hope you all have a lovely weekend – stay safe and cozy!


18 thoughts on “A Friday Happy Birthday

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  1. Wow – what a week, indeed! I am always so heartened by your resilience and hope you have a wonderful birthday on this wildly shifting weather day. Here’s to a year filled with things that you love — I look forward to reading what you share about it all here!


  2. I am exhausted just reading about your week! I hope that everything calms down today and that you can enjoy your birthday as much as possible — and I recognize that when you’re a mom, that’s sometimes an impossible feat. I love seeing that Agnes is getting more comfortable with all of you. I’m guessing she’s going to be curling up in someone’s lap before you know it!


  3. A tough week is right, and resting is the perfect to do. Enjoy take-out pizza, stitching, and maybe some fun movies. Love the pictures of the kitten with your family. Beautiful in every way. Also, I totally agree about Kamila. She’s only 15, and I’m sure the pressure was terrible. She certainly deserves our sympathy. Finally, happy, happy birthday! Hope you have something sweet today to celebrate.


  4. I am in awe: your attitude, approach, appreciation for all the goodness in your life that you share and exhibit. Thank you!
    Happy Birthday 🎉 Have a great quiet stitching weekend and the best year ever .
    Cheers ~


  5. First! Happy Birthday to you, Katie! I am sorry you are battling colds… it is the time of year for that! Ugh.

    Second… whew, what a week! I think the joy of home schooling is the ability to take a day off when you all need it! Well done you!


  6. Happy birthday, Katie! I’m impressed with your great attitude about all the ups and downs of the week. I hope things calm down for you all over the weekend. What sweet pictures of the kitty with the kiddos. ❤️


  7. Happy Birthday – I hope you have a joyous day! Sounds like a busy week for sure. Loved the picture of your son reading to the kitty cat!


  8. Oh no, what a horrible day! I’m so sorry you’re sick on your birthday and had to deal with all those other difficult things as well. (I remember my birthday one year, both I and my daughter were sick and ended up at the doctor – not a fun day.) Skipping some obligations and just surviving day-by-day seems like the way to go. I hope you get to go out to dinner next month – after all these pandemic months I can tell you it seems SO WEIRD to sit a restaurant. But also very refreshing.

    I agree with you about the Russian skating situation – 15 year olds are children, and I really feel for her that she was caught up in this. The adults are to blame. Russia already was blocked from competing, but somehow they got around it with the ROC thing, so I really wonder if there will ever be any consequences at all.


  9. Happy birthday – I hear people celebrate all month so you still have time for a different kind of day. I agree with the others about your attitude – thanks for sharing this with your readers.


  10. Happy Birthday Katie. I hope you can find time to just relax this weekend! May we all have a better upcoming week! PS thank you for sharing your meal planning recipes. I could use some help in that avenue!


  11. Happy happy Birthday I hope you had a wonderful day in spite of all the other things to deal with. It seems like some days and weeks are just plain crazy. Thank you for sharing and having such a great attitude of getting things done. Have a wonderful week.


  12. Happy belated birthday!! I wish you nothing but health and happiness, and I hope that you will have a fantastic year! I hope everyone in the family is feeling better – an upset stomach is horrible to have. 😦 (Also, Agnes is super super cute, honestly)


  13. whew! I do hope you enjoyed a wonderful birthday weekend and that everyone is feeling 100% for the upcoming week. Our dinners look a lot like yours – except that our Instant Pot meal was a pork roast (for nachos last night). I’ve got to say – I’m delighted by the prospect of a week of leftovers!


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