First Friday of 2022 | Kittens, Project Bags, and Quilts – Oh My!

Happy First Friday of 2022! It’s still dark as I type this, but I caught a glimpse of snow as I peeked through the porch light this morning. A snow day? I’ll take it.

If you can believe it, 4/5 of us still have some lingering symptoms of whatever that illness was from Christmas, myself included. With one thing after the other, it’s been a hard 3-4 weeks. But we’ll eventually get through this, one day at a time. I have some crafting projects to share, but much of my crafty time has been way-laid by a new obsession:

While taking this picture, I quickly remembered how difficult it is to get a still shot of a kitten!

In early December I shared that a kitty started living in our shed. I kept feeding it, hoping it would eventually become less skittish. It kept approaching our back porch, eating the food and drinking the milk, but wasn’t becoming any less skittish than it had been. On New Year’s Eve, I decided to take drastic measures. We bought a Havahart trap because I was worried about it being out in winter temperatures in New Hampshire. The sweet little thing wasn’t even heavy enough to trip the trigger on it! So we rigged it up a little and were able to bring it inside. It got loose in the basement and we didn’t see it for about 24 hours, but it’s slowly getting acclimated to us. (I keep saying “it” because I haven’t been close enough to determine its sex. I’m trying not to push things.)

We have a cat flap built into our basement door because that’s where August comes/goes for his food, water, and litter box. This little kitten sits at the top of our basement steps, staring through the cat door, studying us. It will come out after the two youngest go to bed at night, which is when I snapped this photo. As I type this, I’m sitting in the basement and everyone else is in bed, and I can hear August and the kitten running back and forth through the house. I hope it will come/go more freely in the coming weeks! And yay! A new kitten!

(I hope it’s a girl. If it is, I’m naming her Agnes. I think that goes well with our other cat’s name, August.)

While the new kitten was loose but unseen in the basement on Friday night, I spent some time down down here so that it would get used to me being around. So I made a new project bag for Annie Bayliss! I’m hoping to always have a reproduction sampler going and thought this fabric was a lot of fun and honors vintage women. It’s a Cotton and Steele print from 2015. The yellow dot fabric on the back is a Dear Stella print. I used a flower print from Moda Fabrics (sorry, not sure which designer) for the lining.

I did something different for this one. While sewing the front and back pieces together, I used the zigzag stitch. There are fraying threads along the seams in my other project bags and I was hoping this would help. I’m not sure if I like it, to be honest. It turned out a bit wonky in some places, but I think it’s just because I need to practice using zigzag a little more? I was having a difficult time catching all four layers of fabric despite being sure I had trimmed it all down to the same size. (This was one of those moment when I wished I would have had a serger to neaten up my work. But those things are scary! and expensive.)

And after a long break from my Bloom quilt, I finally finished the twelfth block. I was definitely out of practice on a lot of the techniques, but got the job done. I hope to get the entire third row sewn onto the quilt before my next Friday catch up post. It’s been so much fun to watch this project grow (or bloom?)!

I’ve done a bit of cross stitching this week too, but I’ll save those updates for next week.

This is going to be quite the weekend for television for me, especially given that there aren’t many shows that I watch regularly. The season finale of Dexter: New Blood is on Sunday and I’m on pins and needles waiting for the resolution. I’ve really enjoyed this season and am hoping it continues next year. Also on Sunday: the return of All Creatures Great and Small. You guys, I am STOKED. I’m trying to get a heel turned on a sock so that I’m ready to curl up with a cup of tea and some knitting and lose myself in British farmland. And Border Collies. And gorgeous knitted sweaters. I’ve been waiting for this season since they announced it in early 2021 and can’t believe the time has finally come! Also: I’ve gotten a lot of the threads and the linen for this year’s Sunday Stitch, so I’m hoping to get started on that.

I hope this weekend is exactly what you need. That it’s full of rest, fun, and plenty of warm drinks if you’re in a cooler climate (and cool drinks if it’s warm where you are!). Please stay safe and cozy!


12 thoughts on “First Friday of 2022 | Kittens, Project Bags, and Quilts – Oh My!

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  1. Oh she is such a pretty girl, I am sure she will calm down . My Mum took in a feral cat, she called her Freya, she had kittens quite shortly afterwards. Mum kept one of them and she lived to be 21 . Who knows there may be more to come. I really like that block, so attractive. Have a good weekend.


  2. What a sweet kitten! I hope she gets used to you (and does turn out to be a she, so she can have such a pretty name) soon.

    We got our first measurable snow of the season overnight and it is frigid outside, so it’s going to be a good day to stay inside with warm drinks and blankets!


  3. We have been watching Father Brown and I noticed a lot more color work sweaters and vests in this new season. We are also All Creatures fans here. The other series I have been watching is Land Girls. Happy weekend

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  4. The new kitten is adorable! (and I am super excited about All Creatures as well!)

    Have a great weekend and I hope that you are all feeling much better soon!


  5. Such a sweet kitten and I am sure it soon will be part of your family. Love your quilt block, so pretty! All Creatures Great and Small fan , and love just about anything that is period time. Always so many beautiful handknits! Have a wonderful weekend Katie.


  6. Your sewing is such delightful eye candy…and that kitty, well, I knew as soon as I saw the crazy-sweet photo that you were well on your way to love! (Agnes…GREAT name.)


  7. What a great name for an adorable kitten!! I hope she is a girl. Our new kitten, Mabel, is a handful. She is wild! But loveable. I’m excited for the next season of All Creatures too. and we are also watching “Around the World in 80 Days” and enjoying. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Enjoy and have fun.


  8. Aww kitten! I hope they will get more used to your family soon.
    I’ve recently learned that some libraries have maker spaces with sewing machines or long arm quilting machines, so maybe you could look into that to try out serging when you really need it?


  9. That kitten is just adorable. Hang in there. The mama cat that we have, Allie, was like that when she first came to us and then she returned a couple of weeks later with 4 kittens. We already had an inside kitty and two dogs. We have kept all of them so now we have eight animals. The outside kitties were so scared at first but all of them have come around except one. Sadie. We are still working with her. I love the name Agnes.


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