Weekend | Planning & Unknotting

It’s Friday, dear friends. And wouldn’t you know it — it was another difficult week around the world. There’s so much going on and it seems like things get more complicated and discouraging every week. But I’m here to share a few snapshots from my week before heading into the weekend.

We just finished our 7th week of Blackberry Bluff School and it feels so good to actually be implementing so much of what I’ve been planning. I love the variety of texts we’re reading and studying. It’s going to be an incredible year if we can stay this committed! My secret weapon right now: checklists. Bryce loves them and won’t stop working until he checks everything off. Like Mama, like son.

Our sunflowers are blooming – yay! The goldfinches are very happy and dip across the yard to land in the middle of the flowers. I don’t think the sunflowers are quite ready for the birds to really enjoy the seeds, but it will be quite a show soon!

The tomato hornworms are setting in. I’m kind of relieved because I’m sick of canning the tomatoes. I’d rather pick up a few at a time from the farm and not have to worry about all of the kitchen work.

I left my sock alone for 10 minutes while reading to Bryce before he went to bed and the cat capitalized on my carelessness. I spent all of Thursday night’s knitting time unknotting it. If this wasn’t Sarah’s handspun yarn, I might have just chucked it in the trash and sulked for the night. Instead, I patiently sat at the table with my ball winder, spread the little piles around the table, and did my best to untangle. I kept saying, it’s all the same to get through it (if you’ve read A Tale for the Time Being then you’ll know what I’m talking about). I am relieved to say that I only had to cut the yarn once, so it’s still in pretty good shape!

Thank you all for your kind responses to my Stillness post on Monday. I’m grateful for everyone’s support and encouragement and I’m hoping to get caught up with all of you this weekend! I’m not sure when I’ll be able to put together another post, but I’m going to do my best to keep showing up here at least weekly. And please take good care until then!

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  1. I’m glad Bryce likes making lists too, it’s a great incentive! I haven’t stopped by for several weeks, too much overload from everything! I’m just concentrating on our farm, children and our grandchildren right now. Maybe that’s too narrow minded but it’s what I need to do to keep my sanity! Blessings!


    1. I hear you on the overload! I’m glad you were able to focus on things close to home – it makes such a difference! I wouldn’t call it narrow minded at all. I think we’d all benefit from taking such a break!


  2. Oh no — not the handspun! I’m glad there wasn’t serious damage done. I’d say more yarn can always be spun, but we both know that nothing would be that exact yarn.

    I’m glad to hear the school year is going so well!


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