A Look Into Our Notebooks | Week 25 in 2021

We’re in the last few days of June! I hope you’re all enjoying the summer. We’re reveling in a slightly more relaxed schedule and spending plenty of time outside with our garden and flowers. I’m publishing this post mid-morning because I’ve found it difficult to steady my blogging rhythm over the last few weeks. I’m sure it will shake itself out, but know that my posts may show up at unexpected times!

Last week was warm, but we did our best to stay outside as much as possible (blue highlights). We had a relaxed week of schooling (purple highlights) and I expect to settle into a 4 day school week over the summer rather than the full 5 days. I did a little knitting, a lot of reading, and spent a lot of time on the yoga mat and on my exercise bike. It was another well balanced week!

I’m planning to be back tomorrow with an update on my one little word. Until then – stay safe and cool!


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  1. Enjoy the summer, it’s more important to spend time with the children than blog on schedule. When fall comes and you’re schooling again, you’ll establish your routine again.


  2. I am happy to see you are getting outside. I have been listening to all the neighborhood kids playing in their yards since school got out. Sweet sounds.


  3. Glad to see all that blue! I’ve been getting outside for my walk every day (and we’ve even been eating dinner outside on our porch occasionally), but the last couple of days it’s been just too hot to be outside once I’m done exercising. It’s not nearly as bad here as it is in the PNW, but I don’t do well in heat (I am a delicate flower!) and prefer to be out early morning or in the evening.


  4. Looks like a busy week. It’s been too too muggy and hot here to really walk outside much. In the 90F’s with at least an 80% or more humidity… when it’s not rain/stormy. I won’t have anything on the calendar until July, but my writing notebooks have been seeing quite a bit of exercise this past week. Decided to write something for a friend, in serial format of about 500 words per entry. I’ve written well over 10K words on it, so I’m ahead of the game. Anyway, if you’re interested, I posted the first serial.


    1. Yes – it is SO hot right now! But my kids would be a nightmare if we were stuck inside so we do our best to be out as much as possible… It’s a much better scenario, even with the heat!!

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  5. That is a well-balanced week and I’m delighted to see some knitting (the second Spark?) back in rotation, with some great accompanying books – Guernsey and Austen Society are maybe the perfect matches … and I think Unsettled Ground will be, too! I hope you can keep up all that outdoor time. It’s surely good for everyone’s body, mind, and soul!


    1. Guernsey and The Jane Austen Society were PERFECT for knitting!! Now I’m on the hunt for those cozy WWII stories, full of tea, books, and flowers. Recommendations are welcome 😉


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