Full of Joy Friday | Week 17 in 2021

It’s the last day in April and I’m happy to report that it finally looks like Spring around here! Today I’m sharing updates from our garden as well as a few bookish things that I’ve found delightful.

+ Spring has sprung around here! We have buds on our fruit trees, the radishes have reached the surface of the earth, we’re about to have an explosion of tulips along our walkway, and somehow the daffodils are still going strong. We also had our first heron sighting of the year! It’s been exciting to watch signs of life return, especially since it felt like all of that snow and ice was never going to melt. And here we are!

Compare & Contrast Early March with Late April:

+ Just over a month makes a world of difference! The snow is all gone and our grass is turning green again. (But the Christmas lights are still up.)

+ Did you have a chance to listen to Layli Long Soldier’s On Being interview? Her episode is titled The Freedom of Real Apologies and it’s beautiful. I’ve added her book, WHEREAS, to my TBR with the goal to read it before the end of the summer.

+ The Women’s Prize for Fiction shortlist was announced this week! I’ve read 2 out of 6 of the titles and am busily downloading the rest. The winner will be announced in July and I’m hoping that will give me plenty of time to read the other 4.

+ Matthew fixed our oven on Monday — and it’s a good thing because we’ve resorted to frozen pizzas twice this week. I’m planning a batch of peanut butter blossom cookies today.

+ I moved into a new planner on Monday and it is beautiful. I can’t wait to share more of it with you next week.

I plan to be back on Sunday with a poem despite the end of National Poetry Month. The best way to ensure that I read poetry regularly is to write about it here each week – so that’s what I’m going to do. I hope you all have a weekend that’s full of the things you love!


7 thoughts on “Full of Joy Friday | Week 17 in 2021

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  1. I’m glad to see that the snow is finally gone! There is nothing happier after all the months of cold and snow than seeing the earlier spring flowers pop up.


  2. I love the newness of the earth as winter melts away and your photos are that! Thank you for the link to the Onbeing podcast, I think I missed that one and I have added it to my play list. (and I purchased the poetry book! Thank you!)


  3. I will be interested to hear how you like the new planner. That is a favorite size – or it was a favorite when I was working. New planners are so fun.


  4. wow, Katie – the difference a few weeks can make is remarkable … and I can only imagine it has an even bigger impact in your soul! I’ve only read ONE of the Women’s Prize shortlist (The Vanishing Half); I’m sure I can fit the rest onto my summer bingo card 🙂 and whoa, a new planner??!! looking forward to seeing more about that! in the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying a lovely First of May weekend!


  5. WOW what a difference between those two pics! Hooray for Herons!

    I’ve read two of the Women’s Prize SHortlist – Vanishing Half and Transcendent Kingdom. Loved them both. I will definitely read the Fuller book too, she’s one of my new favorite authors.


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