Full of Joy Friday | Week 12 of 2021

I’ve checked my calendar multiple times this morning to confirm that today is, in fact, Friday. This has been an odd week! It has simultaneously flew by and dragged on and I’ve been flummoxed while trying to keep up. And still – yes, it’s Friday. Which means I’m here to share a few joyful things with you.

+ August the Cat seeks out the sunshine. This sliver of sun can be found in our foyer around 5pm lately – it shines right in the skinny part that leads into the kitchen. When the kids find him like this, they give him a wide berth and you can see their wheels turning, how do I get through here? You see, August is a very mean cat. If a person were to walk too closely, they would get swiped by his mousing claws. And I find it delightful to watch the kids work through how to get around him while avoiding his sharp parts. Here’s another recent picture of his rascal-y self:

+ Getting everyone out to the van in the morning can be a challenge. But every once in a while, we look like we know what we’re doing. We all walk out as though we’re actual human beings – someone will hold the door as everyone spills out of the house and into the sunshine. On these days, no one resists walking out the front door and no one gets distracted on their way to the van. And – oh my goodness – everyone gets into the van and directly in their own seats as though it were a synchronized swimming routine. This all rarely happens and I find myself standing at the back door of the van, jaw on the ground, and wondering what’s wrong with my children. And still – joy.

+ We’re expecting rain today. I find that joyful because that means I’ll finally clean the bathrooms.

+ Bryce, my 7 year old, loves time travel and creepy things, so I figured it was time to introduce him to Doctor Who. Each night, after the two younger ones get scrubbed up and tucked into bed, Bryce and I pop popcorn, pull out a quilt, and watch one episode. He is in love! And, of course, there’s one activity that goes hand in hand with watching Doctor Who: knitting. Yes, friends — I’ve been knitting again! And speaking of knitting…

+ Thanks to a recent post on Ravelry, I learned that you can favorite designers to ensure their new designs show up on your pattern highlights page. This is so helpful because I’m no longer following along on Instagram and often miss out on new designs, despite doing my best to sign up for newsletters.

+ This was supposed to be an “off” week for our homeschooling adventure, but things were going so well that I decided to ignore that. We’ve had an excellent week of school, which I’m calling Week 26.5. We went back and covered history and science units we missed, focused on ensuring that we have math facts down pat thanks to a handy stack of flashcards, and spent a lot of time reading and writing to ensure that my reluctant reader/writer is getting less reluctant by the day. So although we’ve still been working, it’s been refreshing and rejuvenating.

+ I’m seriously considering joining The Modern Mrs. Darcy Book Club. The thing is – I’m a horrible book club member. Even if I want to read something, it feels like assigned reading the second it’s chosen and I rebel. But even if I’m not following along with the book club selections in real time, I’d love to get access to the backlist of the club – the previous author chats and classes. I know many of my blogger friends have been a part of the club and I’m wondering: do you love it? I’d love to hear from people who have joined!!

I’m hoping next week feels more grounded for me. May we all have a weekend that’s full of the things we love, is nourishing to our souls and bodies, and is exactly what we need. But before you go, please let me know where you found joy this week!


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  1. Your Friday posts are a joy to read. Love how you go with the flow, whether it’s watching the kids getting into the van or avoiding August the Cat, or knowing the exact right thing to do on a rainy Friday. And I’ve never watched Dr. Who, but am imagining that you and Bryce could be watching that nightly until he gets his driver’s license, if not longer…;-)


    1. Bryce was thrilled to learn that there are a TON of Doctor Who episodes!! I’ve already seen most of them, but it’s been a lot of fun to re-live The Doctor’s adventures with Bryce!

      Thanks for your kind words – I really enjoy writing these posts and am thankful to have so many kindred spirits to share them with 🙂


  2. I am old enough to have watched the very first Dr Who, and to have watched the daleks from behind a chair. Incredible that it is still loved. Trying hard to see a connection between bathroom cleaning and a rainy day. As to joy, a new knitting project, a yarn delivery, hair dresser phoned to make an appointment for me next month and clocks go forward over the weekend.


    1. Cathy – how amazing that you got to experience the early Doctors firsthand! I love the image of you hiding from the daleks 🙂 And my connection between bathroom cleaning and rainy days: the weather has been so beautiful and I’ve spent every available moment outside and have ignored everything that needs to get done inside, including the bathrooms. Now that the rain has come, I’ll have no excuse and have to clean the toilets. However – I’m responding to this comment on Sunday and STILL haven’t cleaned the bathrooms, so….???

      Thank you for sharing your own joys!! I hope you’re enjoying all of your new yarn and knitting projects… and your upcoming haircut!! Yay!


  3. Hooray for knitting time and Doctor Who! (My favorite Doctor is 10, though 13 is a close second.)

    I have also thought about joining MMD, but I really don’t think I have the time to get the most out of it right now. It might be something I do in a few years, when kiddo is a little more self-sufficient.

    My bit of joy today is that it’s Friday (finally!) and I get to take my nephew-dog for a walk today. Until I get my own dog, he’s the closest I’m going to get!


  4. The visual of your family getting into the van brought a smile to my face! I am reminded, yet again, it is the simple things that are the best! I am with you on the “assigned reading” idea. I hope you have a great weekend! (with rain and clean bathrooms!)


    1. I still haven’t cleaned the bathrooms, but I guess that isn’t a huge surprise to me, ha!! But it’s been so lovely. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours as well, Kat. Have a happy Sunday!


  5. Love the first kitty photo… Gotta love it when they feel safe and secure enough to lay on their backs with their belly exposed! Its a sign of a very happy kitty! Our Leah has discovered my yarn… crocheting/knitting will NEVER be the same. LOL! This morning, she tangled herself, and when I pulled the yarn I didn’t realize how tangle until she actually made a sound. Looked under the chair, and there was this knot of kitty-yarn! How she did that ???? LOL! I should have photoged, but between laughter and getting the yarn off her neck…


  6. Like you, I like the idea of book clubs, but eventually feel rebellious when I’m asked to read on a schedule. The MMD Book Club author chats are my favorite part of the book club site/benefits, but I’ve also enjoyed some of the recent classes and discussions.
    The quarterly membership option works for me as it allows access to book club perks for several months at a time during fall and winter. I can take a seasonal break then return later and catch up with events I’ve missed.


    1. That’s a brilliant idea! Maybe I’ll wait to join until the cooler months and see how I’m feeling then. I don’t want to overload myself and then feel irritated about it all. Thank you so much for suggesting it.


  7. Love reading about and seeing August the Mean Cat. I had a Mean Cat too (Cleo) and she was a long-haired Tortie – I’m not sure if yours is a Tortie but maybe similar? Anyway, she loved me but hated everyone else. I still miss her even though she was a handful.

    Glad school is going well. And that you’re able to enjoy a show together with your eldest! How fun!


    1. Torties are SO pretty! August is a Main Coon Cat, which is very similar. I think August likes me, but I definitely get some of the worst treatment. I think he just wants to play, but my goodness… I have some scars thanks to him! Cleo sounds like she was fun to have around – very spicy!!

      It’s so nice to have some one on one time with Bryce that he really enjoys. Of course, we’re together while doing school and we try to make it as fun as possible… but there’s still expectations and roles that come into play there. It’s different when we’re just watching a fun show together!

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  8. Reading this post added joy to my Sunday afternoon! I am a huge fan of time travel (and popcorn and knitting) and have never seen a single Dr Who episode. Should I remedy that? and MMD bookclub – I’ve been a member for about 18 months and I LOVE it. I always read the main book (some months there is also a second “flight pick”) so I can understand the online discussion and really appreciate the author talks (I think there have been only 2 months since I joined when there hasn’t been an author discussion … and this month we read Nora Zeale Hurston , who of course, isn’t available 😉 I don’t participate all that much online – I mostly lurk in the forums – but I learn so much from other readers. The book discussion among the members is really good. Also, the classes are excellent. There’s always a handout, and they record it in case you can’t make it “live”. I’ve learned so much. Attending “live” is fun because there are “polls” and the chat stream is lively. (and when you join, you have access to the entire backlist of classes AND author interviews. it’s a treasure chest!)


    1. Doctor Who is not at all a serious show – it’s silly and fun and was created for kids. And still – plenty of adults love it (myself included!). I think it’s worth a try to see if it’s your thing – and I think it’s perfect for knitting!!

      Thanks for all of your thoughts on the MMD Book Club. You make me want to join, for sure!! I’m going to wait a few weeks before making my final decision, I think. Eek! I don’t know why I’m overthinking this so much.


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