Full of Joy Friday – Week 1 of 2021

I decided to rename my Friday series from Friday Cozies to Full of Joy Friday. I hope it captures my goal to focus on positive things from the week. But my timing is quite awful because I think it’s in poor taste to simply ignore what’s happened in the last few days. Instead, I’m going to think of a few positive outcomes from this week and hope that you’ll join me in the comments with more.

  • These two wins in Georgia means there are 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats in the Senate, giving Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris – Democrat – the tie-breaking vote. This doesn’t mean a Democratic agenda will be easy, but it does mean that Senators will now have the opportunity to debate and vote, which is good for both parties.
  • I’m incredibly thankful there weren’t large numbers of counter-protestors at the Capitol on Wednesday because I fear the death toll would have been much larger than the current count, 5.
  • 12 more days until Inauguration Day.

This week was yet another for the history books (haven’t we been saying that for a while now?) and it was frightening. Can you help me find other glimmers of sunshine peeking through the clouds?


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  1. It’s a gorgeous sunrise this morning. Somehow (at least so far) nature carries on no matter what humankind is up to. I am grateful for that, for you, and for your new Friday title — gives a boost and encourages, not denial, but reframing as necessary!

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    1. Thanks for reminding me about nature, Jordy. I’m happy that it’s Saturday and that I have all three kids home with me. I’m hoping for a lot of time outside!! And I’ll always be grateful for YOU!


  2. I didn’t comment about Washington DC on my blog post today, I didn’t know how to express how I felt! Disbelief, frustration, anger, helplessness. I just keep sewing and praying for peace and hope.

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    1. It’s hard to know what to say. And the last thing I want to do is start an argument with my blog – because I believe that we need unity more than anything right now. I’m thankful for you, Gretchen, and all of the inspiration you give me!


  3. I think it’s always important to look for joy but never more so than during dark times. What happened on Wednesday was horrifying, and it completely overshadowed the joy of the outcome of the Georgia election. Who would have imagined that a Southern state would be sending a Black man and the Jewish son of immigrants to the Senate? That this could happen, in spite of so many efforts to suppress the vote, gives me hope and, indeed, joy.

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  4. Yes, unfortunately, this week I had to look up what “sedition” and “insurrection” meant since it was happening in this country. Insanity. It was simultaneously shocking but not surprising that it went this direction. Tr*mp has been priming them for years.

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    1. Totally agree – “shocking but not surprising.” What’s most surprising is that security wasn’t ready for this type of attack on ANY day… and the terrorists were openly planning 1/6/21.

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  5. It’s always sad when democratic countries don’t accept the democratic result of an election. I recall all the protests when Trump won, so to an outsider what happened this week seems inevitable. Maybe people will learn now to abide by democratic decisions- and we are just as bad in the UK.
    Positives- the days are getting longer and Spring is on its way.

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  6. It’s Saturday for me, but I did find joy yesterday in the guise of a junking run to a few thrifty stores. I scored a huge bag of fabric pieces (I figured the store price for yardage to be over 100bucks) for $10. Tons of colors for quilting.. In the collection though I found a vintage infant outfit…linen with embroidery…thats just too cute. It looks to be 1940s, maybe early fifties. A definite classic. A little joy within a big joy that counteracts the negatives a little. My heart is still saddened by the weeks events, and filled with prayers for the families of the fallen.

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  7. Every day I tell myself, one day closer to the Inauguration, one day closer to Spring, and one day closer to the vaccine!

    It feels weird not knowing what’s going on (on a news/social media break since yesterday morning) but my friend hasn’t texted me so I guess nothing earth-shattering has happened, LOL. It’s good for me to take a break – all Wednesday and Thursday I was glued to my phone.

    I have so many questions about how we’re going to bridge this seemingly endless chasm between the two sides in our country, but I remain hopeful that a new administration will find ways to help people and make things better.

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    1. It’s probably much better to not know the blow by blow. Maybe a bit of good news that you might not have heard yet?? Trump has been PERMANENTLY banned from Twitter.

      And you’re right – there’s so much to look forward to, a new administration, a fresh and new season, and finding a new post-pandemic normal! I’ll try to stay hopeful right along with you 🙂

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  8. yes, yes, yes to all of your list! …and of course the news has gotten even worse. and still, there is joy when we look. gratitude, too. I’m honestly finding those things closer to home (a pretty sunset, Marc cooking dinner, a cool new Spotify playlist) and thinking that’s probably a good lesson to take into this year.

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    1. I made the mistake of putting on CNN last night while I was sewing in the basement. And of course – I just couldn’t look away! I get more and more fearful about what’s to come. But — we can all help each other see the positives!


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