A Look Into Our Notebooks – The LAST Days of 2020

I hope we’re all ready for 2021 to really start, because here we are! My planner labeled last week as number 53, which doesn’t sit well with my brain. But it was the betwixt week – that amorphous week between Christmas and the New Year. I did my best to think of it as a time for rest and with few expectations, which eased a lot of my anxieties around not doing “enough.” I use this Monday morning blogging time to think about how I’m using my time – how does it align with my goals and values? Every day I understand on a more deeper level that time is precious and what we do with it… well, it matters. All of those little decisions are the building blocks of our lives.

Materials used: Travelers Notebook weekly insert | pastel highlighters | Pilot g-tec-c .25 Hyper Fine Point pens

GREEN | Writing Time
My early morning blogging time felt like the most high stakes part of my week. I worked hard to get 5 posts written and published last week. The end of the year is a little hectic in the blogging world, which many of you already know. There are end of year wrap ups and launches for the new year. There are goals and plans to dream up and write. And everyone else in your feed is doing the same thing, so it’s almost like making the rounds for holiday parties! But I think I’m nearly caught up on all of my comments and with everyone else’s blogs and that feels really good.

Plus – I managed to keep up my journaling streak. Today was Day 274.

BLUE | Outside Time
Not a ton of outside time, sadly. These cloudy days make it hard to find the desire to head out. But it’s a new week and the return of Blackberry Bluff School, so I’m hoping to play with our routine a bit and ensure that we find ways to bundle up and enjoy some time outside.

YELLOW | Stitching Time
I didn’t have a ton of dedicated stitching time last week, although I did multitask with audiobooks often in the evenings. I worked on my hexies quilt when I did sit down with needles.

PINK | Reading Time
I’m changing up the way I’m documenting my reading time. I had been differentiating reading and audiobook listening, but I’m using that orange highlighter for a different category now (see the next paragraph). The bulk of my free time was spent reading this week. I’m doing my best to keep my Kindle charged and handy so that I can pick it up instead of my phone anytime I get the urge to ignore the world around me!

ORANGE | Healthy Stuff
Since I’m working towards more consistency with exercise and meditation this year, I decided it was important to highlight that time instead of thinking of it as an “other.” I managed to meditate (just 5 minutes) every morning last week after I wrote my morning pages. I also did yoga and meditated in the evenings after the kids went to bed every night early on, but fell out of the habit towards the weekend. I’m already behind on my Yoga with Adriene 30 day journey… d’oh! But Matthew will be headed back into work tonight so I’m hoping to find a rhythm with that again soon.

Water – Another excellent week with water! Adding a bag of peppermint tea has been such a fun way to drink more. The peppermint is so bright and refreshing and it’s almost as though I can feel my brain open up with every sip!

Weather – still tracking here and in my 5 Year Notebook. I can now look back on my 2020 updates in my 5 year notebook and see how the weather compares, which is a lot of fun. I’m so happy that I laid that groundwork last year and it’s paying off now.

Covid Cases – I’m continuing to track this number in the gray bar at the top of the page, next to the day of the week. I’m also adding this to my 5 year notebook. No political agenda here, just something that is historical and I will want to look back on one day.

I’m planning to be back tomorrow with my last 2020 reflection post. I’m very excited that we’ve rounded the corner of a new year and can’t wait to follow along with all of you!


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  1. I am behind with yoga, too! I signed up with Adriene again, even though I didn’t do a single day last year. I am determined to do them all this year, even knowing that I’ll be a bit behind. I decided to take today off from work because my daughter doesn’t go back to school until tomorrow, so I thought we’d have one more day together. We have a couple of things planned, but I’m hoping that some time this afternoon I’ll find some time to start. I think reintroducing yoga will be good for my word for the year (which I’ll reveal tomorrow) as well.

    It’s so hard to get outside at this time of year, isn’t it? Even if it isn’t wet or too cold, it’s generally gloomy.

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  2. My morning meditation time is the most powerful time of my day. Having Steve home more than usual recently has upset that time a bit. And I noticed in so many ways during the day… more harried thoughts, more stress, less sleep, quicker to be angry. It felt so good this morning to immerse myself back in that practice. It is absolutely something that is critical to my day! I am so glad you found a way to work some minutes into your day… it is my hope that you find as much joy in the practice as I do!

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    1. Thanks, Kat! I’m glad that your schedule is falling back into place AND that you had the opportunity to recognize how much the practice helps you!


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