Friday Cozies – Week 44 of 2020

On Friday mornings I spend time reflecting on the joy that I found during the week. One of my goals in 2020 was to take more pictures of the little moments – I share them here each week to keep me accountable. This week? The beauty (hassle?) of leaves in late fall and a fun science experiment.

Last Friday I wrote about how the promise of a science experiment keeps Bear motivated with his school work. That’s continued to be true during week 9 of Blackberry Bluff School! Friends, this oobleck (1 cup water, 2 cups corn starch, and food coloring) kept them busy for quite a while. And we got a nice lesson on how fluids change viscosity under stress. Sounds impressive, right? Bear is tolerating more and more time at the table with a pencil in his hand — every week we add a little bit more. It’s wonderful (and a relief). Dance parties also help. (And not a single argument or meltdown in weeks and weeks. How can that be?)

I cut my thumb earlier this week and it’s been hard to do much with my hands so I haven’t really been sewing or knitting. I’m reframing it as an opportunity for rest and it’s been lovely. Still — I hope to get back to my hexies tonight because I miss having that project in my lap.

Good Things to Share:

  • This week’s episode of The Next Right Thing was amazing – again. It was all about personal reflection. I loved hearing how Emily makes reflections a regular part of her life and found that I do many of the same things. For instance, these Friday Cozies posts are a good effort at reflecting weekly on the things that have brought me joy. My favorite quote from her this week: “our daily decisions are actually making our lives.” I’m planning to re-listen when I can guarantee a quiet house (and she laughed and laughed and laughed).
  • Sharon Salzberg was the On Being guest this week. The episode is titled Shelter for the Heart and Mind. Salzberg “teaches how to stay present to the world while learning kindness toward yourself.” Now – doesn’t that seem like a skill that could benefit us all?
  • My 2021 Word of the Year has been calling to me since August. Lately, the calls are getting louder; it’s waving at me every time I turn around. I hope to write its introduction post in the next couple of weeks. I know, I know — it will only be November. But why ignore something that’s so insistent?

I hope you all are able to get some rest this weekend – we’re going to need it in order to face the election next week. I might be back on Sunday with a poem. If not, then I will definitely plan to see you on Monday with another reflection post – all about my habits!


9 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 44 of 2020

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  1. I enjoy the photos of your home with the children. I remember doing the wet cornstarch thing with my children too. Children just enjoy squishy stuff! Hope your thumb heals and you can get back to handwork, until then you’ll just have to read. Have a lovely weekend, think kind thoughts, leave the TV off and your computer too!

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    1. Perfect advice for the weekend, Gretchen. Thank you! I was finally able to take the bandage off of my thumb last night, made sewing much easier! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Oobleck is always such fun — messy, but fun! I remember making it the first time when I was in fourth grade and we visited fifth grade for the day (because fifth grade was middle school). It still entertains me!

    It occurred to me this week that I should start thinking about my word for next year, but I’m not sure I have the mental capacity to do that until after the election is over. Particularly after I listened to the most recent episode of Radiolab yesterday about some of the ways things might play out. I’m a bit terrified now. Ugh. Thank goodness it’s Friday!

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  3. How wonderful that home schoooling is going so well, and there have been no meltdowns for weeks- you must really be doing something right. Your garden covered in leaves looks just like our drive at the moment- a real Autumn carpet. Have a great weekend.

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  4. The colours of the leaves are so beautiful! Will you get rid of the leaves or are you going to make heaps of them? I can imagine that the blue stuff was a lot of work to clean, but if the kids are more relaxed in general and Bear’s patience is improving so much, you are absolutely doing things right! Congratulations! (and Happy Halloween 😉 )

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    1. Eventually we’ll probably rake all of the leaves into the compost and spray them with water to help weigh them down so they won’t blow around everywhere (again). But for now we’re just raking them into piles and playing in them!

      I hope you had a great Halloween!

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      1. (And at least these piles are safe to play in because there won’t be nasty surprises. Ahem). We don’t celebrate Halloween, but it was a nice day regardless. 😉 Lots of knitting and reading! Have a great Sunday!!

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