Friday Cozies – Week 43 of 2020

On Fridays I share a few pictures of the week. Today I’m sharing freshly bloomed roses, an orange maple tree, and snow!

We are wrapping up week 8 of Blackberry Bluff School! Despite more changes in our daily rhythm (driving Bug back and forth to his day center), we are still holding strong. I’ve discovered that the promise of a science experiment is a strong motivator for Bear, so I’ve used it to my advantage all week. And my Blackberry Bluff School Amazon wishlist is exploding, ha! Using Trello to plan for this term has been a lifesaver and I’m still working on the blog post that explains why.

Last Saturday we drove up the mountains, which are about an hour north. They got snow the night before! It’s so much fun to drive up to Franconia Notch this time of year because there’s almost always snow to be found.

Good Things This Week

  • I hope you’ve had a chance to listen to this week’s Next Right Thing episode. It’s about staying grounded during this election season and was powerful – well worth the 14 minutes. I have to admit, I’ve been hearing Emily P. Freeman’s voice in my head during the last couple of weeks and it’s been reassuring.
  • I’ll leave you with a snippet from this week’s On Being Episode. Krista Tippett discussed the teachings of Howard Thurman with Rev. Otis Moss III. Here’s a few paragraphs that spoke to me:
Rev. Otis Moss III, On Being

May you plant and grow beautiful things during this dark time!

Enjoy your Friday and I hope the weekend is a time of renewal for you.


12 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 43 of 2020

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  1. Thank you for your loving words, for what you do to spread kindness and love. I’m so glad school is going well for you. I’m sure Bug appreciates you driving him to school if it keeps him from unwanted drama. Blessings to you and your family!

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    1. This is such a lovely comment – thank you! Bug is definitely enjoying the rides in. I hadn’t realized how much he was resisting the bus until now. Getting him out the front door and onto the bus was difficult all summer long, which hadn’t been the case before quarantine (this started in June, which was when this monitor started working with him). Now he holds my hand, walks out to the van, and climbs in with NO resistance. It’s a remarkable difference.


  2. I have roses blooming too this week… it is crazy, but a lovely treat! As is this post! Thank you for the links (and linking back to me! Wow, that was unexpected and so lovely!)

    Have a good weekend! XO

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  3. “Be still” is my centering prayer. For enneagram ones the sacred instruction is “rest in stillness” and I find it incredibly hard … and helpful when I can do it! LOVE the snow (already?!) and the kiddos working at art. Charlie has a whole book of science experiments. The more steps the better!

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    1. I’m pretty sure that Still is going to be my word in 2021. I wonder what the sacred instruction is for enneagram fours?? I’ll google it!

      We have a few science experiment books, but bear definitely enjoys the chemistry experiments! He loves to mix up solutions!

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      1. thank you! I googled this yesterday and couldn’t find anything. That’s actually perfect for me. I tell my husband all of the time that I just need a weekend in a hotel, all alone. It hurts his feelings because he sees it as a rejection of him, but it’s not. I crave time alone! I think that’s why I’ve done so well with waking up super early for so long – I’m usually all alone!

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