Friday Cozies – Week 41 of 2020

I like to share pictures from the week on Fridays. We’ve spent a TON of time outside this week — it is looking and feeling beautifully fall-like around here!

Week 2 of Bug’s quarantine is coming to a close and it’s been quite lovely having him at home! Despite some of the obvious challenges, he is so sweet and cuddly. He has the most beautiful smile, which I almost always fail to capture with a camera. I am lucky, I am lucky, I remind myself during some of the hardest moments. And I am – I’m learning so much about myself and how to care for others through him. It’s been a hard 5.5 years, but it’s been worth it.

This was a planned break week for Blackberry Bluff School, so I didn’t have to worry too much about not doing a ton of learning. But of course I did worry about not doing enough – is it possible to not do that?! I’m in the depths of planning for our second term, which starts on Tuesday because that’s when Bug will return to his day center. I’m creating Trello boards and it’s so much fun. I’m also still working on a blog post about using Trello, but I wouldn’t expect it to be published anytime soon!

I listened to Jericho Brown’s On Being interview while flipping pancakes last Sunday. He read from one of his poems, To Be Seen, which you can listen to or read here. One sentence sent me running to my notebook: We talk about God because we want to speak in metaphors. Similar to my feelings about A Circle of Quiet, I feel like this one sentence could answer a lot of my questions if I could just figure it out. I promptly ordered all three of his books of poetry and can’t wait to dive in – they should arrive tomorrow.

Does anyone have any thoughts about the new Cormoran Strike novel? Here’s a quick link if you haven’t seen any of the debate. In a nutshell: JK Rowling’s tweets have revealed a mighty bias against people who are transgender and her newest novel includes a male serial killer who “dresses as a woman,” which is the type of language Rowling used that sparked this whole debate. I’ve read a spectrum of opinions, several saying that there’s only a very brief mention of a “man dressed as a woman” and that the book isn’t transphobic at all. I’ve also read reviews on Goodreads from people who admit they’ve only read 1 page (of 944 pages!!) and it verified their belief that the entire novel is transphobic and so is anyone who reads the book. I’m on the waitlist at the library and plan to read it for myself… but 944 pages?! No editor can stand up to JK Rowling, can they? But I’d love to hear any opinions from you, dear friends!

A shred of good news this week: Whoopi Goldberg says that there might be a Sister Act 3. I am here for it! I adore the Sister Act movies and have been singing and dancing along since the third grade.

I plan to be back on Sunday with a poem — if I don’t make it back to this space, I hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend!


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  1. Personally, I’m done with JK Rowling. If kiddo wants to read the rest of the Harry Potter books, that’s fine with me, but I’m not giving that woman any more money, time, or brain space. There are plenty of other books to read!

    Even though Bug’s time at home was unplanned, I’d say it was pretty nice that it happened when you had a planned break from school so all of you could spend that time together.

    Yay for voting!

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  2. Love these posts, Katie! Your speaking of metaphors made me think of Paul Tillich. He was a Theologian whom I adored in my 20’s and I wonder if he would resonate for you today. The New Being and The Shaking of the Foundations were two especially important books for me. They are pretty readable introductions to his thinking. Sadly, I no longer have my copies (too much culling, I guess). Here’s a link to a collection of his work on Amazon: Maybe the reviews will be helpful. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you for the book recommendations, Jordy. I am scared of theology because so much of it is over my head. And I don’t want to to lulled into a cult!! 😉 But I trust your opinion and I’ll look into his books!


  3. Your children seem to be having a wonderful time outside- I love the picture of Bug with a bug- he really melts my heart, although I appreciate how hard it must be for you all at times.
    Grayson Perry, an artist ,is a man who likes wearing dresses and makeup- not sure what all the fuss is about- I live in jeans! Live and let live is my motto. Followed by the biblical story of the speck/ plank in the eye. A thought provoking post thank you. Have a great weekend.

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    1. Thanks, Cathy! Bug is genuinely sweet – I am very lucky!!

      I agree with you about the speck/plank in the eye! I think the shocking thing is that JK Rowling doesn’t seem quite so accepting of people on the gender identity spectrum!


  4. I have been thinking a lot lately about authors and want to get to know more about the people who write the stories I read. I have not read anything by Rowling but heard about this controversy. Having watched a lot of author talks this year, I have decided to make space in my book journal to do a bit of background reading and make notes about the author. There is a very famous author who is on my will not read list after I attended a talk where she was very arrogant and dismissive.

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    1. I think getting to know the authors is a great idea! It would add a whole new dimension while reading their work… and I’d love to know who the author was that was so arrogant and dismissive!! 😉


  5. Grateful for your good weather – I’m sure Bug’s time at home was much easier for all the getting outside! Based on everything I read by/about JK Rowling these past months, I am done with her (although her latest is in my audible library because I share the account with my sister and she said “we’ve already purchased the credits … it’s not like we’re giving her “new” money). Sister is still listening; TBD if future books will end up on our audio shelf. There are SO MANY lovely books by lovely authors that I no longer feel the need to make time for any books by unlovely people.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Rowling. I’m so confused by her right now!!

      The weather has been gorgeous – today’s high is forecasted to be 59!! I expect we’ll spend the whole morning outside again 🙂


  6. I am very much torn on the entire JK Rowling issue. I want to know where the Cormorant Strike series goes… but I just don’t know about this next book (and I have seen excellent reviews as well) Perhaps it will be an excellent learning experience of how to be more open minded and less judgmental… we shall see.

    I hope your weekend is wonderful!

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    1. I’m also torn. I’m with you – I want to know what happens next in the series. But I’m so confused by Rowling’s refusal to be affirming to others. And on a purely selfish and privileged level — 944 pages?! Really? I thought her last one was too long at 600-something pages and believed that so much could have been edited out. Her editors must walk on eggshells!


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