Friday Cozies – Week 39 of 2020

Friends, we’ve made it to another Friday. There seems to be no reprieve from heartache, injustice, and fear this year; yet I’m trying to do my job as a mother: to give my children a safe and cozy place to learn and grow and to live a life that makes the world a better place. There’s a lot of work to do. But on Fridays I share some of the pictures I’ve taken throughout the last week and write a few words about what’s been going on around The Cozy Burrow, so let’s catch up a bit.

I mean, what can I say about this week? I’ve spent most of my evenings on the couch, with the news on, and nervously knitting. Just like the rest of 2020. I keep thinking about the fact that we live in a country in which a totally innocent woman can be gunned down and murdered in her own bed and there is absolutely no justice. So I’m thinking a lot about what it means to be a mother right now and my own role in bringing up the next generation. That sometimes feels like too much.

Week 5 of Blackberry Bluff School is done! One more and then we’ll have a week off. I’m looking forward to that. We’re finally getting to the point in which Bear understands what is happening. We spend the first hour or two outside in the morning and then come in to do table work. He is a reluctant writer, but now he knows he must write every day before he is free to do whatever he really wants. That’s taken the whole summer and these first few weeks of the year to sink in. There were major meltdowns before at the suggestion of writing. Now he says, yes, oh yes. I can do this! Nevertheless, we progress.

Even though I’ve done a lot of knitting this week, I’m also returning to the task of organizing my basement sewing space. I’m lucky to have the basement – it’s a big space that’s safe from little hands. There are challenges to the space that I have no idea how to overcome. One of the challenges is that it quickly becomes our junk pile, despite all efforts to the contrary. Another is the previous owner set up elaborate display cases along the two longest walls – for matchbox cars!! So the shelves are not very high or deep and it’s difficult to use them to store anything larger than a toy car. Simply replacing the shelves is another challenge – they’re made entirely of mirrored glass and I don’t know how to install new shelves over that. I get frustrated every time I try to make this space work for me and then give up. I’m trying to stay positive and work through the mess this time.

It’s Friday, so I’m looking forward to an evening of The Gilmore Girls. I think I’ll spend that time in the basement with my sewing machine, Lorelai, and Rory. I hope this weekend’s news coverage is slow and that we all get a couple of days to collect our thoughts, renew our souls, and to get ready to do our parts in the Revolution. Dramatic? Yes. But here we are. I hope to be back on Sunday with a poem, but I’ll see you on Monday if I don’t make it!


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  1. The news has been really tough this week. I was expecting the outcome in Louisville but still hoping that maybe *this time* would be different. It’s so hard as a mother to try to teach my kid to do the right thing, even when it’s hard, and then to have her see our country doing just the opposite. I think we really are heading toward a revolution, and it scares me. I worry that even if the election goes the way I want it to, the incumbent will not accept the results, and he has so many enablers in the government who might support him. It’s truly frightening.

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  2. I know, Katie, the news has been chilling on so many fronts. Nevertheless, we persist and progress. I am reading Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker and finding it at once sobering and helpful. And as for your basement shelving challenge, I am picturing row upon row of spools of thread, arranged in gradations of color. Oh, and the arranging having been done by several of the Blackberry Bluff students, as part of a lesson on the color wheel (unless having them downstairs at all is verboten). Maybe they could arrange them upstairs. And of course you’d need to order more thread to properly fill out your wheel…And could other shelves be used for your wools and yarns, in like manner? I don’t like the mirror part, but those shelves, otherwise, appeals to the OCD part of me!

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    1. I’m glad you’re finding hope with your book!! It sounds really good.

      I love your ideas about the basement shelves! I’m going to have to take pictures and share them on the blog – messy basement and all! I actually like the mirrored walls because they reflect so much light and make the basement look so bright despite its poor lighting. It would take a LOT of thread to fill up those shelves – thousands of spools!


  3. Katie – I love to come and read you blog because I feel like I can see your heart in your words. I am grateful for your transparency and for allowing me to enter your life. It gives me hope to know there are parents of young children puzzling over how to parent well. I have no idea about the shelves. Maybe a photo will inspire us.

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    1. Thank you, Juliann! We are all doing the best we can, right?!

      Okay – pictures to come of the basement walls. I keep wracking my brain, trying to make this situation work without spending ANY money. Tricky, tricky!


  4. We get so much of the American news and 90% of it fill me with disbelief and rage. It’s not even my country, but I fear November. I hope that enough people buckle up and vote him out. I don’t know what happens if they don’t.

    Kudos to Bear for getting into the swing of things!! The youngest of a friend of mine started school this summer, and she said he could have needed a few months, since he wasn’t 100% ready for school yet. Best of luck for your weekend.

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  5. Oh dear you sound in a bad place- I have given up watching news it’s too confusing- and as for what is happening in America I don’t know what to believe. As for the UK between Covid and Brexit 2021 is probably going to be another very odd year, hopefully then the dust will settle and we can all move forward. Love the picture of your two in the garden- and it took me ages to learn to read and write, but I got there., so well done that boy. Have a good weekend and enjoy your sewing.

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    1. I shouldn’t have sounded so dramatic – I’m sorry!! But you’re right – 2021 is going to be another strange year for nearly everyone!!

      Thanks for the kind words about Bear – we all move at our own pace!

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  6. I love those long shadows and smiling faces! 🙂

    This week… oh boy. The weight of it is almost unbearable. Have a good weekend (and I think I need to jump back into The Gilmore Girls, thanks for that!)

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    1. Thanks, Kat! I hope you’ve had a good weekend so far. And The Gilmore Girls has been a fantastic remedy lately! (and the return of the Great British Baking Show!!)


  7. Ah, I love that point on the top of Birdie’s hat – nice job, mama! I am so excited for the GBBS (although I think we might wait a few weeks so we have multiple episodes to watch at one time). The raindrops (or dewdrops?) on the sunflowers also made me smile … and I need to know – are you starting Gilmore Girls from the beginning?

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    1. Thanks for the kind words about the hat! I love how it turned out. We watched the first episode this weekend and really enjoyed it! Of course, we miss Sandy but I’m sure we’ll get used to this new guy.

      I started rewatching The Gilmore Girls a couple of years ago and abandoned the effort, but I’m picking up where I left off then.. so I think I started on the 12th episode?? I’m only on the 14th or 15th now. It’s been fun!


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