A Note About Comments

Hi Friends,

Today I’m checking in about some changes I’m making in the comments section of my blog. In the past, I’ve always replied to everyone directly in the comment section so that my response is visible to anyone else who reads the comment section. I like doing this because I hope it will spark conversations within the comments. But I recently learned that people who comment from non-Wordpress accounts aren’t receiving any notifications when I respond.

I plan to continue responding via WordPress to those with WordPress accounts. If I notice you’re responding with an account outside of WordPress, I will respond via email. I think it’s much more important that folks get an actual response from me rather than cling to my own stubbornness about replying to everyone in the same way.

As I get used to this new idea, I’m likely to make to mistakes. I ask for your forgiveness in advance. And if you start getting emails from me but would rather not, my feelings won’t be hurt if you say so.

Thank you all for enriching my blogging experience by reading and commenting. I really enjoy connecting with and getting to know you!


13 thoughts on “A Note About Comments

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this! I always check back if I comment on another platform (like, you know I’m on wordpress, but if I comment on blogger, this won’t show, obviously), but true, not everybody does that.

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    1. Sometimes I check back, but I mostly forget to! That’s amazing that you always check back — what dedication! But it’s also necessary if you want to carry on a conversation with someone. Thanks for your response — this has been a tricky thing for me!

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  2. I get upset when blogs only allow you to comment if you use a google account which I don’t have and don’t want, otherwise I try to say something. I feel it’s short sighted because the blogger misses out on comments. I’m word press so I’ll keep hearing from you.

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  3. I wish all the blogging platforms made it easier to respond to everyone, but I think the solution you’ve settled on is a happy compromise. I really wasn’t aware until recently that some folks were responding to my comments in the comments because I never went back to check. I really do like the dialogue that has sprung up, so I hope this change will facilitate it better.

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  4. I applaud your willingness to try something new – and encourage “conversations in the comments” … I typically read blogs a day late, and I always enjoy seeing your replies to the other comments. Sometimes a question I had is already answered, and sometimes those comments/answers spark other thoughts. I hope this works, because I’d love to try it, too!

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    1. Thank you! And I know that I’m much more willing to respond to a reply that’s only sending a wordpress notification rather than an email. An email feels so official and I don’t want to make other people feel like they HAVE to respond!!

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