Friday Cozies – Week 34 of 2020

One of my 2020 goals has been to take more pictures and use them in my blog instead of free stock photos. On Fridays I upload pictures from the week and share some of our highlights. This week? Lots of dirt.

It’s been a lovely week. The lows have been in the high 40s most mornings, so it’s been amazing to sit at my desk and write in my journals and blog. Fall is on its way, some Dunkin Donuts are already serving Pumpkin Swirl coffees, and life is good.

I went INTO the library on Wednesday for the first time since March! Oh, I was so happy to be there. I spent about 45 minutes at home preparing for the trip – using their online catalog to search for anything and everything related to what we’re going to be studying next week. It was so much fun to go in and pull the books from the shelves! I might have gone a little overboard – the banner picture in this post shows my haul. By the way, how did I not know about the Frog and Toad books? They are so fun! I’m finding myself reading them aloud when there’s no one else around!

I got some great news from Bug’s speech therapist this week. You might know that he’s nonverbal and doesn’t speak any words – not even mama, dada, or no. But he’s been learning to use a assistive communication device in treatment to help him communicate and his therapist told me that he’s doing great with it! We’re hoping it means that we’re able to purchase one (insurance should pay for it because it will be deemed medically necessary) and start using it at home soon. I am so excited!

Our garden is kaput. There’s been nearly no rain this month (despite some monster storms nearby that have somehow missed us every time) and we haven’t been able to keep up with the watering. We’ll be putting it to bed over the next few weeks. We were hoping to start a fall garden but didn’t manage to get to it and now it’s too late. The same thing happened to us last year! But we’re already dreaming up big plans for next year, so you can expect this fall and winter to be full of excitement for spring!

Monday is our big day! It’s our first official day of learning at home! I have spent a lot of time this week getting ready for it. I’m so excited (and nervous) about it, but I’m trying to keep in mind that big emotions are overwhelming for Bear so I want to keep the day calm and comforting. The whole purpose of learning at home is to nurture him in ways that he needs and I’m planning to wrap him up in the things that he loves while building up his confidence in the areas that are more uncomfortable for him. It’s going to be an adventure, for sure!

Tonight I’m hoping to resume my weekly Home Fires viewing, knit like crazy on my Spark cardigan, and enjoy a pot of tea. What’s your favorite thing to do on a wild Friday night?


8 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 34 of 2020

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  1. I look forward to your Friday posts and am sorry about your garden, happy about the library, and LOVE your assistive device news. Oh, and then there’s that Pumpkin Swirl Coffee…enjoy your weekend and the start of school!

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  2. We adored Frog & Toad books too! 🙂

    Our Friday night included an al fresco happy hour under the pergola… it was so nice. My garden is about wrung out too (and this is with twice daily watering!)

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    1. We’re hoping to build a little patio in our backyard one day! We have a picnic table in our front yard but it faces west, so we get a lot of direct sun in the evening. That makes it hard to enjoy the quiet evenings of late summer. I’m so glad you have a little place to escape to!

      It makes me feel better that it’s not just my garden struggling… but you’re doing a MUCH better job of watering than I am!!


  3. Love all the dirt (in spite of the sad news about putting the garden to bed), and the caterpillars (becoming butterflies!), and that fantastic news from Bug’s speech therapist. Enjoy the weekend … y’all are gonna do GREAT on Monday!!

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