Friday Cozies

I like to share pictures from the week on Fridays. One of my 2020 goals was to take more pictures and use them in my blog — these cozy Friday posts help keep me accountable! I don’t have very many pictures this week because it’s been wicked hot and we’ve stayed tucked under the air conditioner as much as possible, but I have pictures of my two youngest and the first few minutes of a monarch butterfly’s life!

This has been a strange week. Because of new protocols at work, my husband was home from work last Friday because of our Covid scare, and then Monday night through Wednesday night he was home with a cold. He’s always worked through colds before, but there is a massive culture shift right now – no working when you’re sick! It’s nice to see him taking care of himself and yet, selfishly, I miss my evening time alone! I was planning on a week full of audiobooks and knitting and that hasn’t happened. But I’m thankful for all the time I’ve spent building up my ability to rise early and for the opportunity to enjoy a couple hours of blissful silence. And of course – for my time with Matt!

I’ve spent this week preparing for our first official week as homeschoolers. We plan to begin on the 24th of August and I’m terrified and excited all at the same time. I’ve created a spreadsheet with our history, science, and nature units organized by week so that I can match our beauty subjects with what we’re learning (our beauty subjects are primarily composer studies and art/artists studies).*** Our history and science curricula are both 36 weeks and we’re scheduled to be in session for 44 weeks. I like having that padding to give us an opportunity to move at our own pace! I’m excited about what we’ll be learning this year: ancient civilizations, the earth forming from stardust, ancient and prehistoric art forms. I didn’t have a classical education and the curricula that I’ve found is so inspiring. But it’s a lot. Putting it all together is a lot. The idea of keeping it ongoing is a lot. I’ve realized this summer how quickly a day passes and figuring out how to create a school that my child loves and is still progressing academically is a lot. And it’s all so scary.

So I’m working on stilling my heart. My post on Wednesday gave you a glimpse into how I’m trying to do all of the things by throwing garment sewing into the mix again. I have to stop. I have to pare down. I need to embrace the fact that I can give my children more by doing less. I know that our official homeschool schedule is going to morph and change endlessly and I know that it’s going to take more energy than I’m expecting. It’s going to take almost everything I have to give, so I’m preparing myself for baskets of unfolded laundry and unticked to-do lists. I’m fully expecting to have total chaos in our dining room, dirty floors, and a sink full of dishes. And I’m trying to keep my heart still – to know that it’s okay – to keep breathing, embrace the chaos, and find every way possible to enjoy the ride.

One word that has dominated my thoughts this week: KAMALA! I love so much of what I’ve been learning about her. Her upbringing is inspiring. And friends, all of the pictures of her as a child, teenager, young adult? I am loving them!! Especially in this LA Times article. But I’m not looking forward to the next few months. It’s going to get so ugly. Politics has always been ugly, I know, but it seems like there is no bottom now. So I’m nervous for her and how she’s going to be treated, but I also know that she’s ready for it. So when I get nervous about all of the political ads and all of the lies coming out of the White House’s Press Briefing Room (and Twitter, clearly), I still my heart. I take a deep breath, think about truth and justice, and know that the people of the United States are better than what the current administration wants us to be. And November will start a new era. So, on with KAMALA!

I’m giving blood today. I got an email from the Red Cross saying that they’re testing all samples for Covid antibodies and the results will be available in their app. Sweet! I’ve been so curious about my own potential for immunity and this is an easy way to find out — I would be giving blood anyway and I love that I don’t have to do anything extra to test for antibodies. (I do the Power Red donations and am eligible to give every 4 months. I love being a Red Cross donor!)

Last Friday I shared my plan to watch Home Fires, drink tea, and knit all evening. None of that happened thanks the unpredictability of life. Now I know better than to share any plans, but I hope to finally manage that tonight! Do you have any weekend plans? I hope you find ways to stay safe and cool!

*** I’m editing this to add that I have curricula for Language Arts, Math, History, Science, and Nature, but have only included History, Science and Nature in this spreadsheet. I wanted to be able to line up our artist and composer studies with the era and topics we’re studying in those units. I’m working hard to ensure that we’re as well-rounded as possible!


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  1. Thank you so much for both the picturs of the monarch butterfly and your kids. And if I may say this: I love how you write about your family, Katie. There is so much love and dedication shining through, and while I can imagine that it is hard and a lof of work, I see you as a very, very strong and caring woman, who has built an amazing family with her husband. And that is wonderful.

    I really take my hat off to you for organising home schooling for bear – it always seemed to me that it IS a lot of work if properly done, but you can do it!! If Imay ask – how is reading and especially writing taught? Is that done “on the go”? I am really looking forward to reading how it’s going for you.

    I think it’s really smart to prepare yourself for not meeting your expectations in regards to homeschooling AND having the household chores under control. My only advice – if I can give any – is that please see to it that you do NOT drop your morning pages! You need to take care of yourself, please don’t forget that!!

    I hope Matt gets well soon!! (And I totally agree with you, it’s SO GOOD that employees are FINALLY expected and ALLOWED to get well in peace and take care of themselves) And have a great weekend!! We will have friends over tomorrow, so today is cleaning and preparing food. 😉

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    1. Thank you for such kind words, Julia! They mean a lot!

      I’m following curricula for Reading, Writing, and Math as well – I just didn’t add them to this spreadsheet because they don’t line up quite as well. I just wanted a quick glance at the history, science, and nature topics that we’ll be visiting each week! One day I’ll share what it ALL looks like put together (I hope)!

      And I definitely don’t want to drop morning pages. These few hours early in the morning keep me grounded and somewhat sane. !!

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  2. Sounds like you’ve got the homeschooling plans organized just fine. Something you need to add to the list is meal planning for the week. It will make schooling go so much more smoothly and less stressful if you can stick food in the crockpot or instant pot or at least know what you’re going to make. I suggest you make several weeks of meal planning then just rotate them. Trust me, it makes things so much easier!

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  3. Those butterfly photos make me so happy! I’ve been noticing that I’ve been seeing a lot more butterflies lately, both Monarch and Swallowtail. Between those and all the bees that are hanging out in our Russian sage, it feels like nature is doing alright despite everything else.

    I totally understand how overwhelmed you’re feeling about heading into homeschooling and still having to manage everything else. Just remember that you can only do what you can — you have the same number of hours in the day as everyone else, and you likely won’t be able to get everything on your to-do list done every day. And that’s okay. The key is flexibility. If your family is fed, gets some education, and is generally happy every day, then it’s a success. I’m sure that as you all adapt to the new schedule, things will get easier and you’ll get more done.

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    1. Somehow nature keeps moving even though we feel like we’re nearly at a standstill!

      And you’re right about the flexibility. I read somewhere that even if you spend the whole year just reading a bunch of books together, spending time outside playing together, and baking a whole lot of cakes together, then that’s still a pretty good year. And my hobbit self absolutely agrees!! It’s just really hard to change my mindset about what school is “supposed” to be, ya know?


    1. Thank you, Juliann!! You’re right. And as they watch me cope with the overwhelming mess around us, they’re learning coping skills too, right??! 😉


  4. Monarch LOVE! That is just amazing, Katie!! Thank you for sharing! (and KAMALA!!!!! Oh man! My feet are still not touching the ground from Tuesday’s announcement!!) And, as Joe asked… I have her back. I am including her in my daily meditations… XO

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    1. Thank you for reminding me about Joe’s request: to have her back. I think too few of us had Hillary’s back in 2016 and look how that ended!! But I’m so happy to have Kamala on the ticket!


  5. Have you come across the blog by Ginny called Small Things as she is a homeschooler with a big family? I wish you lots of luck with this. Love the butterfly pictures. Hope the blood donation goes well. have a good weekend.

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    1. I love Ginny’s blog! She’s such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sending along the recommendation though – you captured my heart perfectly with it!

      (the blood donation was great – I’ll do almost anything to get out of the house for a bit lately!!)


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