Friday Cozies – Week 32 of 2020

Fridays are for getting cozy around here! One of my 2020 goals was to take more pictures and to use them on my blog. In an effort to revel in daily life (trademarked by Kat), I’ve been sharing those photos on Fridays. This week was full of outside life – picking berries, finding caterpillars, and harvesting from the garden. So come on in and read more!

When I woke up this morning it was 53 degrees with no humidity. After a super humid and hot July, this was welcome weather! I’m wearing my freshly knitted Mariechen Cardigan right now – just a little glimpse of what’s to come in the next couple months! But for now, we can revel in all of the summer weather activities.

Last Friday we went blueberry picking at our local farm. We picked three quarts and brought home some farm baked sourdough bread, hothouse tomatoes, and sweet corn (not pictured). It was a day for feasting! It reminded me that it’s time to start reviving my sourdough starter so that I can practice baking again in the fall. But since visiting the farm late last week, we were able to start picking our own tomatoes! I’ve been having tomato sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and am one happy hobbit. Finally, all that garden work is paying off! (Yes, I do it all for the tomatoes.)

It was slow going, but he did make it all the way down the hill!

We went back to the farm yesterday to pick raspberries, but the season is over. Instead, we spent some time walking through the apple trees (the picking season is so close!) and rolling down the hill (the video above). I also bought some more sourdough bread, which is already almost gone. That really lit the fire under me to get my sourdough started, so when we got home I got to work on it. I hope I’ll be able to share a bubbly starter with you by next Friday!

Hurricane Isaias blew through here on Tuesday. We didn’t get much rain but we did get a lot of wind. We were lucky – our power only blinked but Bug’s bus driver and monitor both said they lost power the whole night. We lost our beans – a big tree branch fell right on top of our bean poles. Could have been way worse, right?

Last Saturday we spotted our first monarch caterpillar of the year in the garden, so Bear and I clipped off its sprig of milkweed, placed it in a ball jar with a coffee filter for a lid, and have been watching it. When we checked on it on Monday night, it had transformed into a chrysalis! This is in Bear’s room so that we can keep a close eye on it. On Wednesday I think I found a milkweed leave with several monarch caterpillar eggs on it, so I’ve clipped that and am waiting to see if they’re going to hatch. This is definitely an exciting part of the season! (And you better believe that I’ll have a full Phenology Wheel in August!)

It’s been a quiet week for my learning at home goals and that’s okay. It is summer, after all. I think it will be easier to pile around the dining room table when the weather is a bit cooler and there aren’t so many tempting things outside. Besides, there’s plenty of biology happening all around us!

I’m so looking forward to tonight: I plan to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea, knit on my Spark Cardigan (second sleeve is almost done!), and watch at least two episodes of the second season of Home Fires. Sarah introduced me to the book the series is based on, and I’m looking forward to ordering that once I finish the show!

How about you? How was your week? And how do you plan to spend your Friday night? I’m not planning to publish any posts this weekend, so I hope I’ll see you again on Monday morning when I’ll be sharing a peek inside my Hobonichi Weeks. I’d love it if you joined me and shared a post about your own notebook(s) and how they’ve been helping you throughout the craziness of 2020!


14 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 32 of 2020

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  1. Fresh produce in the summer is truly one of the highlights of the season! I wish we had somewhere close by to go pick berries; I’ll need to investigate that for next year.

    Your Friday night plans sound excellent! I got my next Gamache book from the library yesterday, so I will likely be curling up with it and my knitting tonight as well.

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    1. Your Friday night sounds perfect! Armand Gamache is the perfect Friday night companion!

      I hope you do have a farm nearby for berry picking – it’s so perfect to do with kids and it’s a relatively safe activity for our current times! Maybe blueberries are still in season in PA?


  2. Yesterday our county health officer stated all county schools need to do virtual learning until September 28 then she will reconsider in school learning. I see many more days of child care for the grandsons. I won’t be handling the online schooling. If you lived closer, I’d give you a start of my sourdough which I started way back in 1985. I always keep some in the chest freezer so I always have sourdough dating back to the original start. When our daughter moved to Phoenix last summer, she took along her sourdough starter. She calls it the older sister she never had since she was born in 1988. Sleeping at night has been so much nicer with the cooler temps, my husband even suggested using the flannel sheets! The heat is coming back this weekend but it will still be decent, I’m not ready for fall yet. Happy stitching!

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    1. Starting school is such a hard thing – EVERYONE wants the schools to reopen but everyone also wants to be safe. This feels impossible!

      I love your sourdough story! I’m only one year older than your starter! I first starting keeping a starter a couple of years ago, but of course – I’ve killed them all off. I’m hoping to keep this 2020 batch alive for as long as you have! All of the bread that I’ve baked with it have been total duds, but I’m hoping I’ll get better this year!

      And yes – our cool temperature have already left us, but we had a couple really nice nights last week. That will have to keep me happy until the fall!


      1. Try adding a teaspoon of potato flour to your starter, that might perk it up! Also, after I knead bread on my kitchen counter, I scrap off the scrapings, which is flour and dough, and add that to the starter. That’s what Laura’s ma did in the little house books. Good luck!

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  3. Hill rolling for the win! ๐Ÿ™‚ What fun! It’s been a week here, oh boy. My plans for the weekend is to avoid reality as much as possible, and hopefully I will have a baby sweater next week! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. What a fun, full week … and how wonderful to get outside, especially for the biology lessons. We won’t have anything approaching 53 degrees for at least another month or so, which means the yarn I bought for Spark is still sitting in the box! can’t wait to see yours. Wishing you butterflies and more tomato sandwiches this weekend!

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    1. Thanks Mary! The cooler weather seems to be gone now, but it was here for a few fleeting nights! The garden keeps making tomatoes, so I keep making sandwiches! Someone has to do it ๐Ÿ˜‰


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