Hobonichi Weeks – Week 29 of 2020

I use my blogging time on Monday mornings to take a look back at the previous week. I fill in my Hobonichi Weeks every day: on the left side of the spread, I write a few sentences about each day. Sometimes it’s gratitude or gripes, sometimes it’s just something I want to remember, and sometimes it’s just when I’ve finished a book or a knitting project. No rules. I use the right side of the spread to track all sorts of things: my daily/weekly tasks, the habits I’m hoping to strengthen and maintain, and my writing time. Please come into my burrow to see how the week turned out!

It was a muggy week! Summer wants to let us know that it’s here. But I noticed the goldenrods are starting to bloom and thanks to my friend Elizabeth (who sometimes reads, hi Elizabeth!), I know that means that summer is halfway over. I will happily accept that!

Despite the heat and the current political climate we’re in, I managed to stay focused on my family and myself and ended up with a pretty good week. I stayed on top of my household chores, even though you wouldn’t know it if you walked in the front door. I’ve continued morning pages (this morning marked 106 days) and step streaks (yesterday was 102 days). I did okay with my goal of eating at home, but we did get takeout twice. This week will be a better week for eating at home. We did a lot of learning at home, which I don’t track anywhere in my Hobonichi and probably won’t because I don’t need more pressure on that front!

But my biggest achievement last week was probably all of the writing time I managed to squeeze in before the kids woke up. Each dot in my spread represents 15 minutes. It doesn’t count my journaling time – only the time I spend writing for my blog. I don’t always have a ton of control over that time because it depends on the kids and when they wake up. For instance, it’s only 5:30 at this very moment and 2/3 of them are already awake, but on occasion they’ll all sleep until 7 (but that’s very rare). My writing time will be short this morning because they’re already awake and sometimes that’s hard for me to accept, especially when I have lots of posts I want to put together (like I do right now). So I keep working, little by little, to get them done. Some mornings and weeks are better than others, but things still manage to get done, just not at the pace I’d like. That’s the story of everyone’s life, I think! And that’s okay, especially since last week was a very good week!

I hope your Monday treats you well. I’m planning to be back on Wednesday for an Unraveled post – I hope to see you then!


9 thoughts on “Hobonichi Weeks – Week 29 of 2020

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  1. Congratulations on your steadiness and on your two streaks! I couldn’t help but notice your ‘No Snooze’ success and wanted to give a high five for that, too! (This was a 3-snooze morning for me and I think I am going to take up the challenge!) Have a great week, Katie!

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    1. Bath time usually starts around 6:30 and lasts until nearly 8. I DO have time to myself after then, which is when I typically read or knit. I definitely don’t have the brainpower left to do any writing, haha!

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  2. I’m so impressed both by your streaks and by your diligence in keeping track of them! Frankly I’m amazed that you can get anything done with three little kids around, but I have no doubt that keeping track of all these things is helping you to hold yourself accountable.

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  3. I do enjoy your posts so I am happy to know you are figuring out how to make that happen. I used to reassure those morning hours when I was up but the littles were asleep. When they get to be almost teenagers they will sleep as long as you let them!

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