Friday Cozies – Week 29 of 2020

Fridays are for getting cozy around here. I’ve been making an effort to take more pictures of the little moments in our lives and hold myself accountable by sharing them here on my blog each week. Please come into my burrow – we have bunnies, rainbows, flowers, and toads!

We’ve had our first successful week since March with Bug on the bus! I must say that it seems like the days go by even faster somehow. I think it’s because I’m not watching the clock and counting down until the time I need to leave. But we’ve fallen into a new routine of rolling out the art cart after he leaves, which has been fun. We’re also working in more poetry teatimes in the afternoons, which I haven’t gotten a picture of yet! The Random House Book of Poetry for Children is awesome for afternoon readings. The pictures draw Bear right in and he’s lingered with the book every day after we clean up our tea things, which thrills me to no end.

Tuesday morning marked 100 days of morning pages for me. I often say that morning pages are my saving grace even though I’m not really writing about anything of any importance. It’s simply the act of taking that time for myself and my thoughts. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I’d be able to write in my journal for 100 days straight. But something clicked this time and I’ve just kept going. Fake it till you make it, folks.

The bunny that I mentioned last week has been hanging around a lot. After I put the chickens away last night, I sat on the ground for a minute and it hopped right into my lap. The poor thing is lonely, I believe! I wanted to just bring it into the house and make a little burrow of towels for it, but I knew that my husband would be very unhappy with me when he got home from work. Oh! But it’s so adorable!

Andrea Mowry released the pattern that I posted about last week. It’s called Spark (Ravelry link) and the suggested yarn costs about $350. Cue the loud screeching brakes. I think a combo of Cascade 220 and Cascade Superwash Wave could be lovely and, most importantly, about 1/3 of the price. I’m also thinking of a Wool of the Andes and Chroma combo from Knitpicks, which would bring the cost to around $75 for my size. Much more reasonable! I am spending way too much time trying to find my ideal pairing while keeping it affordable. This part of project planning excites some people but it stresses me out. I get overwhelmed with all of the choices! And I feel pressure to choose quickly because I’m almost finished with my current project. Here’s the combo I’m lingering over:

(from The Loopy Ewe Project Planner)
L: Cascade 220 Superwash Wave in Spring; R: Cascade 220 Westpoint Blue Heather

I just don’t know. I’m awful at this! I’ll just keep this yarn in my shopping cart until it all sells out and then I’ll start from scratch again!

On a totally different note, I tried to listen to On Being for the first time in forever last Sunday. She held space for Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility, and Resmaa Menakem, a trauma specialist, to discuss the current reckoning with race so many of us are experiencing right now. I’m going to have to listen to it again because I was hopelessly distracted with three children and flipping pancakes to give it as much attention as it needed. I wanted to share it here because I thought many of you might enjoy its message as well.

Okay, friends. That’s it for this week. I plan to be back on Monday and I hope you all have a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 29 of 2020

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  1. Always love your Friday posts, Katie — AND your sense of humor (“cue the screeching brakes”).

    I’ve been reading posts by a writing coach (Daphne Gray-Grant) who I’m really enjoying and thought you might as well (not that you need another thing to read)! Here’s her website, though, if you’re interested:

    Your Morning Pages habit is so inspiring — I’m going to try doing some writing in the morning BEFORE I turn on my computer. Maybe it will help! Have a great weekend, m’am!

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    1. Thanks Jordy! And thanks for the link to the writing coach. I’ll sign up for her newsletter!

      I think writing morning pages before turning on the computer is the key! Coffee and notebook, first thing! And in the cooler months, I wrap up in a delicious shawl to make it even more special.

      I hope you stay cool this weekend – it’s going to be wicked despite how nice it was yesterday!! I miss you!


  2. Yeah, I had heart palpitations over the yarn price as well… oy. That put the sweater on the back burner for me too! (I like your color ideas though!) Another suggestion for yarns would be Stonehedge Fiber Mill… great yardage and great price (and a woman owned mill in Northern Michigan!!)

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    1. Thank you for the yarn suggestions! I went to my local yarn store yesterday and picked up a combo that I think will work. Still too much money (just shy of $100), but it felt good to give all of that money to a small and local business, rather than a big online shop.


    1. Oh my word, it’s horrible! I always have a bit of jealousy when it seems like everyone else has all of the fanciest yarns and load up all of the time. But that’s okay – it also seems like those same people just hoard the yarn and never quite use it! At least I have some scrumptious sweaters to pull on :p


  3. They want you to pay HOW MUCH for the yarn?? This is ridiculous!
    … I might be a complete cheapskate, but I have to admit that I have never bought yarn that was over 10€ in sweater quantities (I’m making a sweater for my granddad right now, and the yarn came in at about 40€ or so). It will look great on you, and I love the colour combination!

    Also, congratulations on 100 days of morning pages! WOOT!

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  4. I bought KnitPicks this morning! chose the upcycle wool worsted in a pretty gray for the MC … TBD about the CC. figure I’ll wait until the yarn arrives to decide. I think the cascade you pictured is a lovely substitute. Poetry Tea Time is such a great idea! We have Charlie for three days this upcoming week and I think a “fancy snack time” would be perfect. I have a children’s poetry collection on my shelf but haven’t looked at in years. maybe I should revisit!

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    1. Oh yay for fancy snack times!! I follow @poetryteatime on IG and there are tons of fabulous ideas there, if you’re looking for some inspiration!

      I can’t wait to see your choices for Spark. I bought some wool from my LYS, but of course I’m second guessing my combo. I think I’m going to use both yarns in my swatch and then decide.

      I don’t know why I’m so indecisive about this one!


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