Friday Cozies – Week 24 of 2020

Happy Friday, friends. On Fridays I like to share a few snapshots from the week. Pour a cup of coffee and come into my burrow for a while. Let’s catch up!

How has your week gone? Mine has gone quickly. It feels like it should be Wednesday today, not Friday. I didn’t spend much time in the yard this week and meant to go out for garden pictures yesterday, but it rained in the morning and I got busy with other things in the afternoon.

I found the sock pictured above in the van yesterday. I started when I needed something to do in the pickup line for Bear. I think I’ll be able to resume some progress on it thanks to Bug’s return to treatment. There are new safety protocols in place that make the drop off/pick up process a bit more complicated, so this sock will be welcomed busy work. I brought it in the house last night to knit a few more inches and turn the heel, so it’s smooth sailing from here. I do simple toe up socks with short row toes and heels. I know there are much fancier ways to knit socks, which I want to try someday, but this is perfect for me when I don’t want to look at a pattern or be challenged in any way!

Looking back at my Ravelry project page, I see that I’ve made 12 pairs of socks exactly this way and only 3 pairs using a different pattern. But it’s been seven years since I finished a pair of socks, which is incredible to me. (But maybe it shouldn’t be because my oldest is already six years old.)

Lilibet and her Corgis (Queen Elizabeth as a girl). Photo Credit

I feel like I owe you all an explanation about Monday’s post. I casually mentioned my “corgi fund,” which garnered more of a response that I expected. I’ve wanted a corgi for years (actually two corgis: Daisy and Daffodil), but we have zero dollars to go towards buying one! A couple of years ago I created a line item on my budget spreadsheet to start saving for a puppy. While I was working, I was able to shift bits of money into that fund. But when we made the final decision for me to become a stay at home mom, we needed to pay off a few things before losing my income. Which meant saying goodbye to the money in my corgi fund!!

Did you know that corgis are herding dogs? They were bred with short legs to protect them from kicks by livestock. If you watch videos of them working, you’ll see that they look just like border collies when they’re in high grass. Their legs aren’t visible, but you can see their intelligence and workmanship on display. They’re amazing dogs! Sadly, my husband has no interest in owning a corgi and thinks they’re ridiculous. Of course, I’m open to different breeds, so there’s no telling what we’ll go for when we decide to take the plunge and get a puppy. My second choice is a border collie.

Monday’s the big day! We’ve taken this week off from all school work other than some leisurely readalouds. But Monday begins a new chapter for us – one full of Beatrix Potter, Beethoven, Greek Mythology, lots of reading, handwriting practice, copywork, and math! Of course, we won’t do everything everyday and I have no intention of spending more than an hour (total) a day on all of this as we transition towards a new normal. The plan going forward is to have six week terms and then one week off, but this first term will actually be 9 weeks. This is for two reasons: 1) to get us on a schedule that will allow for the entire week of Thanksgiving off; and 2) to allow us to go at a much slower pace as we get used to this. Of course, I’m open to taking entire days off during this first term given that this is an adjustment period.

That’s it from me this week. I hope you have a weekend full of peace. Stay safe!


12 thoughts on “Friday Cozies – Week 24 of 2020

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  1. Tasha Tudor loved corgi’s too! Does Bear’s school keep going through summer? Those wait lines can be a blessing when you need some time to just sit and knit. Have a lovely weekend!

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    1. I have a book – Tasha Tudor’s Garden – that features her corgis prominently! I swoon every time I thumb through it!

      Yes – Bug is going to go all summer! His services are paid for by medical insurance, so it doesn’t have the same schedule or restrictions as the school district. They’re open all year long, except for a few federal holidays and the week of Christmas!


    1. Oh my goodness – all of these people with corgis!!

      Matt and I keep saying that we’re going to retire in the mountains where he’ll cross country ski every day in the winter and I’ll snowshoe with a flock of corgis. It sounds amazing!


  2. It sounds like you have a good plan in place. A slower pace and Thanksgiving week off are both great ideas. I wonder what life will be like at Thanksgiving time? And I do hope you get your corgi someday. We made the decision for me to stay home after my second son was born, and although it meant a big loss of income, I still think it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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    1. Thank you! I also wonder what Thanksgiving will be like. But ours are usually very quiet anyway.

      I’m glad to see that you don’t regret taking time away from work. It was such a hard decisions and we didn’t know if we could make it financially, but we’ve been managing for just over a year now. And I’m so thankful, because things were so difficult to manage when I was working. I do not like hustle and bustle!!


  3. I do hope you get your corgi- I’m not a fan of that breed mostly becuase my horrible head teacher had a yappy snappy one called Kim. I have had two dog funds in the past with which I bought two cocker spaniels, whom I adored- hoping for another next year. I have been without a dog for too long.

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    1. Thanks for the good luck! And yes – that is exactly what the turtle was doing! We live near a river AND a pond and every summer we see a ton of turtles, including ones digging holes in our yard to lay eggs. It’s so much fun! (But this one happened to dig up all of our freshly planted thyme plants, which was a tiny bit annoying.)

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