Friday Cozies – Week 23 of 2020

On Fridays I like to share some of my snapshots from the week. Right now they’re mostly pictures of our garden’s progress. Won’t you visit my Cozy Burrow?

There is so much growing and I don’t think I’ll ever get good pictures of everything. I can’t even list them all. But I love it when the peas reach out and grab each other’s hands like the picture above – it feels like a peaceful protest and a statement of solidarity! We’ve been able to pick quite a few radishes, but they haven’t even made it inside because we’ve gobbled them up on the spot. I’m very excited for blooming rosebushes! I haven’t even blogged about it yet, but I had my first hummingbird sighting of the year last Sunday! I hope we can put up some feeders for them this weekend.

We’re wrapping up Bug’s first week back in treatment since early March. Oh, the poor thing comes home so tired. He and I cuddle on the couch in front of Frozen 2 (his current favorite) most evenings and it’s just lovely to have him home (and tired). I miss him terribly and the slow pace during the day helps my soul. Both things are true. On Tuesday we got a message from the center stating that a staff member’s housemate tested positive for coronavirus and that staff member went home immediately after reporting in to work. So far, there’s no staff member or child who has tested positive for covid and I know that everyone is working hard to minimize exposure. So as scary as it is, everyone is doing the best they can.

Today is Bear’s official last day of school! There will be a parade of teachers and staff driving a circuitous route to pass by everyone’s houses today. Bear’s excited about it and he has his poster ready. What a strange school year. I’m glad it’s ending.

I’m still glued to the news most evenings and am happy to see that the rioters seem to have gone home and the protesters are still standing strong, with a clear message: white supremacy must end. I have appreciated all of the Instagram and blog posts with book lists and have made a few Kindle purchases in the last few days (How to be an Antiracist, Between the World and Me, and I’m Still Here — if you’re curious). I’m embarrassed to say that many of these books have been on my TBR for, literally, years. It takes a brutal murder caught on film to increase the urgency enough for me to take the first steps towards reading them. We can all do better.

Edited to add: I wrote this post before I watched the morning news. It does seem as though the protests themselves were more peaceful, but the atrocious behavior of the police over the last few days is gut-wrenching.

I hope to see you all on Monday with a reflection on this week. Have a good weekend and please stay safe!


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  1. YAY for all the sprouts, that looks super promising!! I hope that Bug’s teacher will be well soon and that no one else gets sick. I can imagine he’s tired after not being able to go so long! The teacher parade sounds super fun, is that a regular in your area or just because of covid? (Probably a stupid question, but I never heard of it before)
    Have a great weekend! Let us know how the books go! (And I hope the protests stay peaceful and everybody keeps safe)

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    1. The teacher parade was because the kids were out of school for so long and the teachers wanted someway to say goodbye. It was so fun!! (totally not a stupid question!)

      I hope you have a great weekend too, Julia!

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  2. Thanks for sharing your garden pictures! Love seeing the developments. You also got a great haul of books from Goodwill for the kids!

    This has been a hard week for everyone, but also I am so hopeful that the continuing protests will finally build some changes in our justice system and in our society. I am not marching (yet) but I am finding ways to help and educate myself. I also had the best talk with my son about everything going on. He opened the door because he watched a video by his favorite Youtuber, Dan TDM, that talked about Black Lives Matter. It was brilliant and the perfect way for us to kick off what hopefully will be a lifetime of antiracist conversations. Iā€™m so grateful to that Youtuber!

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    1. Aren’t we lucky that so much of our kids’ entertainment is so educational? I’m glad to hear that you had the perfect opportunity to discuss such a difficult topic!

      I greedily grabbed all of those books at Goodwill! I don’t usually have such good luck there, but I think so many people have been cleaning their houses lately and I walked in at the perfect moment. I love it when that happens šŸ™‚

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  3. Give Peas a Chance šŸ™‚ yours look like they’re off to an awesome start! also hooray for digging in the dirt. and for thrift shop and library book hauls. Bars are open here, but not libraries. hummm… and this is the Bible Belt?!

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  4. I have still not really begun my summer garden but my peonies are blooming! We had our families come through the car chute this week for a goodbye. It was really fun to see their faces. Happy summer!

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    1. Peonies are gorgeous! We finally got a peony plant this year and I can’t wait to see what becomes of her. And what a kind thing to do for the families at your school! We were so overwhelmed by all of the cars but it was very moving.

      Happy retirement šŸ™‚


  5. I think you will enjoy your stacks of books! šŸ™‚ And your garden is full of promise!

    Now if only our police departments were full of something good… sigh.

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    1. I hope so! I’m beginning to feel overwhelmed by everything I want to read right now… but – I will find a way to read them!!

      I agree about the police departments. It’s so discouraging to see.


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