Friday Cozies – Week 22 of 2020

Happy Friday, friends! Fridays are for getting cozy and reveling in the little joys throughout the week. This week is full of butterflies, blackberry flowers, and knitting pattern pining. Won’t you join me?

Things are happening around here! I don’t usually think of summertime as being cozy, but I’m doing my best to keep things hygge. We’re taking the time to check on our flora’s growth every day and noticing more and more butterflies and other insects flitting about. Despite the heat, we’re still able to get outside for several hours in the mornings, which is a relief. Keeping three kids penned inside the house all day is not a joke!

This week I got a card from Juliann at Chasing Stories. She included a length of cording to fix my Travelers Notebook! It only took a few seconds to trim, tie a knot, slip the loop through, and ta da! It’s like new. Thank you, Juliann, for your kindness. I am so grateful for my blogger friends!

Bug’s autism treatment center is reopening on Monday – I’m terrified, but we need the services. It’s really hard for us to keep him safe throughout the day – he needs someone with him at all times – and the respite helps us beyond imagination. Plus, he was in the process of getting an assistive communication device before everything shut down, which is going to make everyone’s lives, especially his, so much easier. So we’ve decided that the benefits outweigh the risks, especially given the safety precautions the center will be taking. He won’t be able to take the bus for a while because the school district hasn’t found a safe way to manage transportation, but they are reimbursing mileage which will be helpful. I’m so nervous but feel confident that it’s the right thing to do.

Next week is the last official week of school for Bear! He doesn’t miss going to school at all and I think it’s going to be manageable for us to slip into a summer of relaxed learning. I’m planning to fill the warmer months with Beatrix Potter, Beethoven, and Greek Mythology, along with a healthy dose of reading, math, and nature, of course. I’m excited to get started!

My yarn for the TTL MKAL arrived this week. I can’t wait to get the first clue on Monday! It’s been far too long since I’ve felt up to the task for a knit along and I have my audio book waiting for me! I’m interested to see how these colors work together – frost and dandelion – I don’t have enough yellow in my life.

And I’ve started eyeing Susanne Sommer’s Lizzie shawl – I think it would be perfect for the OTR sock yarn that I ordered a few weeks ago, I just need to order a second bayberry for the main color. I love Susanne Sommer’s patterns – my Invincible Summer and Flamingo Flavor shawls still get a ton of wear! BUT! I’m getting way too excited, once again. First: the TTL MKAL.

I decided to sign up for a Sips By box. It’s a tea subscription service and it’s had my interest piqued for a long time. Earlier this month I took the tea quiz, put a box in my shopping cart, and then chickened out. I wasn’t sure about spending $15 on a box of mystery teas, especially as the summer heat was about to creep in. But then a couple of days later I got an email from them saying hey! did you forget something?, and then a couple of days after that I got another email with a code to take 50% off the cost of the box. That sweetened the pot enough for me to put in my credit card info! And here it is. They’re all brands that are new to me and look delightful. I can’t wait to brew my first cup!

That’s is from me this week! I plan to be back on Monday with this week’s planner spread. I hope the weather is comfortable for you this weekend and you can enjoy a good book!


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  1. What an awesome and colorful week you’ve had! I am so glad to hear that the Center is opening on Monday. Definitely can hear that it’s scary, but seems the benefits outweigh the risks quite a lot. Fingers crossed that the re-entry and everything that follows goes well!

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    1. Thanks Jordy! I’m a jumble of emotions about it. There are moments that I’m nearly in tears about it and then there are moments when it’s my mantra: he’ll be back in services soon, he’ll be back in services soon. We’ll just have to take it one day at a time!

      Stay cool this weekend! I’m sweating at my desk already this morning.


  2. Make sure you have an update on the teas! It’s scary to venture back into the world but I agree from my distance, it sounds like a good thing for your son. And you guys do need some respite.

    We got a cool front overnight, hope it reaches you soon! From northern Indiana to you!

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  3. I think Bug’s center reopening is a good thing. You know they’re going to be super cautious and careful, and as you said, the respite for you is going to help a lot.

    Isn’t it fun going out to check the plants each day? My daughter started some seeds (in a baggie with a wet paper towel) that have started to sprout, so we’ll see if we can get any of them to grow. The peas were first, and they did fine are are now in the ground outside. Inside, we have cucumbers, butternut squash, and bell peppers.

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    1. Thanks, Sarah! All of the kids at the center are vulnerable to catching the virus so I know everyone will be extra careful. It’s just scary!!

      You have so many plants growing! The garden is the only thing I like about this time of year. Enjoy your baby plants!


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