Three on Thursday – Needles and Thread

Today I’m joining Carole to share Three on Thursday – just a simple post to share 3 things on my mind. This is my first time linking up with Carole and her friends for this post!

Since I began sewing masks, I’ve been hit with the sewing bug big time! I’m a bit disappointed with myself – I’d given up sewing over a year ago so that I could focus on reading and knitting. I’d found that I was spreading myself way too thin and wasn’t accomplishing anything. BUT. Oh well, I guess. Here are three sewing projects that I can’t wait to never finish:

Bonnie and Camille are my favorite fabric designers and I’ve been wanting to sew a Patchwork Swoon for a long time. I finally purchased the pattern and this jelly roll and am excited to start sewing it up. Take a look at its Instagram hashtag page – they are so gorgeous!

I love patchwork and the scrappier, the better in my opinion! The jelly roll option seems so much better and less time consuming. With quilting, I’ve always seemed to take the most difficult route but anything to make things more manageable is welcome right now!

I’d like to finally finish my Scrappy Crossroads monstrosity of a quilt. I posted this picture on Instagram almost two years ago — look at all of the wrinkles! At that point, the quilt had already been sitting around unfinished for two years. I have the backing and the batting reading to go, I just need to iron it, baste it (which I hate doing) and then quilt. The last step – binding – is my favorite! I’d like to get this 4+ year project on a bed somewhere!!

I bought this in 2015 on Etsy and still haven’t made anything. I’m terrified of garment sewing but would really like a vintage style apron! I think I would start with either style 1 or 2 (probably 2 since it looks like it uses less fabric). Which would you love to have?

My plan is to finish the Scrappy Crossroads quilt before moving on to anything else. I regretted typing that as soon as it left my fingers because I’m really excited about the Patchwork Swoon, but I need the other one finished! I can feel the emotional baggage pulling me down and I’ve been shifting it around in my sewing spaces for the last 4 years, almost like a big ball of clutter. It’s time to be done with it!

Now you know what I’m obsessing over lately. What’s been on YOUR mind?


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  1. Gorgeous colors in your quilt top! I had a hard time scrolling away from that 🙂 I’m definitely an apron wearer (in fact, my most-recently-set-down knitting project is an apron/smock). I’d pick #1–mostly because I prefer longer to shorter. Have fun!

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  2. Both quilts are gorgeous and look like they will keep you busy for quite some time. Love the vintage apron pattern. I didn’t realize you could buy something like that, even on Etsy. I like #2 best also.

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  3. I’m glad you’ve resurrected that quilt top — it’s really gorgeous! I really want to learn to sew, but so far I haven’t done anything about it. It probably would be useful if I knew some basics right about now, if only so I could make some masks. I still might try, as I’ve seen some tutorials that seem pretty easy even for a novice.

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  4. I am ready to baste a quilt for our soon to arrive grandson today but I also want to sew a new Uniform tunic. I was pulling things from my sewing closet the other day and I have many u finished projects so I will be stitching along with you! Love that crossroads quilt.

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  5. Thank you for the link to that scrappy Jelly Roll quilt! I am fascinated by jelly rolls! (and I am with you on Version #2!)

    Sewing is the craft I have been doing the longest – since I was 5 or so! (so if you have questions, ask away! I am happy to help!)

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    1. Jelly rolls are so great! They’re a relatively inexpensive way to get your hands on an entire fabric line. I love them!!

      Thanks for offering to help me with sewing. Now I know who to go to with my silly questions!! :p


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