In The Distant Hours, the Blythe sisters worry that they won’t recognize when they officially become “old” so they come up with a list of “old people” characteristics that will help them know. One that has stuck with me: a person is old when they have to sit down to put on their underwear*.  Well, I’d like to add one quality to that list – when a person is utterly confounded about what to do with a technology problem. Because I officially feel OLD!!

I’ve been missing from my blog for a number of reasons, but the most frustrating is because my blog was infected with malware in April and I had no energy to get it back up and running. And then in May, our new baby was born (more on her below!) and I’m lucky enough to have a few weeks off of work to take care of her. Of course, there are tiny pockets of time to myself that are like pieces of gold — and chatting with tech support is NOT what I want to do with that time. But I decided to spend just a little bit of time every day unlocking one secret code at a time until – ta da! – my blog was back and running. And I am so relieved — there have been days when I just wanted to write a blog entry but couldn’t because I had no blog! No blog? How could it be possible that I have NO BLOG??

And there’s just too much for me to catch you up on, but I will start with the biggest change in my life: Bronwyn Rose was born on May 9! It was my fastest delivery yet (one minute of pushing!), but the most intense and painful experience as well.



And guess what? She has been perfect. My first two were colicky and cried all of the time – if they were awake, they were crying. *Knock on wood* She has long periods of being awake without crying. And long periods of sleeping, which I’m also not used to! Even though she’s 4 weeks old now, I keep pinching myself and wondering when the tides are going to turn and she’s going to become much more difficult to take care of. It hasn’t happened so far, so I’m going to keep enjoying this time with her!


Time is very short these days, so I’ll stop here. I’m going to try to get caught up by sharing some short and sweet posts when I can. Thanks so much for hanging with me through this blog fiasco and it’s so nice to be back!

*PS – Did you know that Kate Morton recently announced that her newest book will be published this fall? I am so excited and have already preordered it. To be honest, Morton is my absolute favorite author; she is the writer I wish I could be!!


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