Third Quarter Reading Update

I was planning to write this at the beginning of October, but it seemed apt to do it now because I’ve met my yearly reading goal!

2017 goodreads challenge

Here’s a quick recap of my reading goals this year:

Read 50 books:

Completed on September 18! A fun little note is that of the 50 books that I’ve read so far, 27 have been from the library and 14 of those have been audiobooks. Not too shabby.

Here’s the list of books that I’ve read.

Read at least 6 nonfiction books:

I’ve read twelve nonfiction books so far this year! I set this goal because I’d rather not read nonfictions if I can help it, but I really wanted to change that. And luckily, some of the nonfiction titles that I’ve read have been some of my favorite of the year!

Read at least 300 pages a week:

I set this goal to make sure that I wasn’t “cheating” and choosing really short books AND to make sure that I didn’t feel penalized for choosing long books and potentially bringing my final number down.

Reading 300 pages a week would bring me to 15,600 pages by the end of December. I’m happy to share that by the end of last week (September 17), I’d already surpassed that goal and read 16,109 pages! That means that I’m definitely choosing some chunksters to even out the smaller books that I’ve been reading and there’s no reason to feel like a “cheater!”

Maybe next year I’ll bump up my goals just a bit? But I wax and wane so much and wouldn’t want to set myself up for failure, so I’m not sure yet. My plan for the rest of the year is to aim for two books a week — I’ve been averaging 3 books a week for the last several months, which is completely unsustainable in my life! And as the holidays start to approach, maybe I’ll be super relaxed and drop that down to one book a week, but we’ll see what this overachiever actually ends up deciding.

How about you? How are you doing with your yearly challenge? Are you happy with your progress or trying to carve out more time for yourself?



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