August 2017 Morning Pages Flip Through

It is September! How did that happen??! I hope you and your family have escaped the floods in Texas unscathed. You might know that I grew up in Southeast Texas, near Beaumont. Don’t worry — my family and friends are all okay and have managed to make it through without a ton of damage. It’s going to be a long couple of years as everything gets back to normal.

So of course, the stress of these storms have ensured that I have plenty to journal about! Here’s a flip through of my journal pages over the last month:

I had another successful month and completed my morning pages! I am so proud of that. There were mornings that I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep, but I knew that I would be so disappointed if I broke this chain that I have going. The smell of coffee has enticed me some mornings, but also the fear of a blank page in my Hobonichi has kept me moving, too! I’ll be posting a flip through of my Hobonichi next week.

I hope you get a kick out of this video… it’s fun to see about 30 hours of writing compiled into one 15 second video! Here’s to a fabulous fall and September. Dunkin Donuts started selling Pumpkin Spice coffees weeks ago and I have been indulging. I hope you have a favorite fall indulgence, too 🙂


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