The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

And with this finish, I am a Kate Morton completist! I follow her on Instagram so I know that she is working on her sixth book and I am so excited about that. I’ve adored all of her books, but hands down: The Secret Keeper is the best.

I’ve said it before, but Kate Morton is amazing at writing novels that twist and turn. She always has some giant family secret lurking in the background and unfolds that story in the most enticing ways. They are a joy to read, but so difficult to write about without spoilers while managing to convince someone that they must read this right away! But here’s my attempt.

On a perfect summer day in the 1960s, a teenaged Laurel witnesses her mother kill a man who wandered up their driveway. The investigation proved that Laurel’s mother, Dolly, was frightened and acted out of self defense. Laurel goes on to become a famous Oscar winning actress and works on London stages. In 2011, Laurel is called home because Dolly is near death. While there, Laurel recalls that strange day and wonders what really happened. And down the rabbit hole we fall.

We meet Dolly as a teenager in the 40s: an outcast within her family and longing to live a life of her own. She and her boyfriend Jimmy escape to London just as the war is beginning. Jimmy is a photographer documenting life during The Blitz and Dolly finds her work as a companion for a wealthy, elderly woman. Across the street lives Vivien Jenkins: the glamorous woman married to a famous author. Dolly longs to form a friendship with Vivien, but she’s a difficult person to get to know.

A friend of Vivien tries to return a borrowed necklace at the canteen where Vivien and Dolly each volunteer. Dolly is thrilled to take it with the promise of returning it – this is her chance to show Vivien that they could be great friends! But the interaction between Vivien and Dolly is terse and awkward, and Dolly vows revenge.

Throughout this story, Morton cycles through the perspectives of Laurel, Dolly, Jimmy, and Vivien with ease. We travel back and forth between the 40s and 2011 with no hiccups and the pivotal decisions of Vivien, Dolly, and Jimmy are stretched out until the very end. As soon as I thought I knew the ending, I realized that I was wrong. I cannot possibly tell you how much I enjoyed this novel!

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    1. Thanks!! It rarely happens for me too, but I just adore her! I hope you get to read one soon. I’d actually suggest starting with this one because it’s my favorite!


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