2017 Check In

2017 is halfway over.  I’m not usually very oriented to time so I don’t know what year we’re in on any given day – I really have to think about it when I’m asked.  I don’t want to think very hard about what that means for my mental health, but I hope that it illustrates how shocked I am when I realize that we are halfway through 2017!  I mean, I often think that it’s still 2016.  Or 2013.  Sometimes I think it’s 2003.  It just depends on when you catch me.

Like many other bloggers, I set some goals when the new year rolled around.  Many of them have flown out the window for one reason or another, some have been added based on new or re-piqued interests, and some are holding on by a thread.  Let’s see where I am, shall we?

Reading Goals

I aimed to read 50 books this year, including 6 nonfiction.  I’ve read four nonfiction titles, IMG_1342which puts me ahead of schedule! I’ve read 17 books, so I’m not on track to reach 50.  But keep in mind that in March I tweaked this goal just a bit, and started tracking the number of pages I read a week with the hopes that I wouldn’t be scared off by HUGE books because it might slow down my pace.  I’m aiming for about 300 pages a week and am up to 5,760, which leaves me 2,040 pages behind.  I’m actually not too worried about catching up with this – it will only take a couple of really good and fat books to catch up.

In all, I wish that I would have made a little more time for reading these last couple of months, but I’m feeling optimistic.  I know that my reading motivation comes in fits and spurts and that I’ll catch up in no time!

Writing Goals

I had just started writing my morning pages in December and was desperate to keep it up.  Other than a couple of weeks in May and early June, I’ve been able to write in my journal nearly every day!  I can’t describe how happy I am about this!

In the New Year I made a conscious decision to not set any writing goals and instead focus on relearning my clarinet and practicing the piano.  Those have taken a backseat in the last few months and I’m focusing more on writing.  I have set a goal to write at least one hour every day (not counting my morning pages or any of my morning rituals).  This one has been hit or miss, but I’m tracking it and I hope that I’ll have something to report soon!

Personal Habit Goals

I’m still tracking my cleaning tasks.  If I don’t, they just don’t get done.  I’m going to write a post soon that outlines how I’m using my hobonichi to help me stay on track.  So far, I’m doing okay.  I still go through stretches of several days when I just do the bare minimum, but then there are times that I do way more than is necessary.  Balance, as you know, is not my strength!

I hope you all are enjoying this holiday weekend! My 3 year old is so excited about seeing fireworks tomorrow — I’m not sure I’ll be able to contain him until then!


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  1. Sounds like you’re making good progress on your goals. I am going to post my Quarterly Report in the next few days. I’m not doing so well on mine, ha ha! I’m pretty sure that next year I’m not going to set any reading goals for myself. I just want to read what I want to read!

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    1. I can’t wait to read your update! And I love your thought about just reading what you want to read – whenever I create a specific framework for reading, I usually fail. But if I just let myself gravitate toward what feels right, then I usually read a TON. It’s so strange! I hope that you’re enjoying what you’re reading, regardless of how much closer it gets you to your goals! ❤

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