Stop spending so much time drawing those lines!

I just wanted to share one more little sewing trick today.  If you’re a quilter and make lots of half square triangles, you know how time consuming it can be to draw lines on the back of squares before sewing.  There are some fancy sewing machines out there that have lasers built in and they light up where you would normally have to draw the line, but I found a very inexpensive solution that has been working like a dream: washi tape!  Yes, washi tape for the win AGAIN!

Look at this washi tape.  If you line up the center white stripe with your needle, all of the other measurements fall into place.  Watch this:

When you position the fabric so that the point of the square lines up with the center white line, you get a perfectly straight center line!

If you line the center of the square up with the far black strip on the left, then you can sew a line a quarter inch to the right from the center (mine is a little crooked because I’m careless, but it works, I swear!).

And then if you line up the center of the square with the black line on the far right, then you’re sewing a quarter of a inch on the left of the center line.  And now look at the perfect scant quarter inch on both sides of the center line:


Isn’t that amazing?  You can buy this for less than $3 for a single roll here or in a six pack here.  Yet another sewing hack that could save me a ton of money!  I hope this works for you – enjoy!!

Washi Tape and sewing


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