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Five Minute Friday: Miss

Hi Friends!  I had so much fun last week with Kate Motaung’s 5 Minute Friday that I am participating again.  I love this link up – there’s no pressure to prepare or take pictures or write anything in depth.  It’s simply to let your fingers do the talking and write!

This week’s prompt is: Miss.  

When I logged into my wordpress account to write this post, I immediately realized that I missed 6 days of blogging.  What have I been doing these last six days?  Could it have really been six days since I sat at my desk and tried to write something worth sharing?

Well, of course it has been.  In the whole scheme of things, six days isn’t that long.  But it’s funny how six days can seem like a flash and six days can seem like f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  I have a countdown for work going on right now.  I’m on day 15.  That feels like agony.  But really, it’s just over two times what just lapsed in between blogging sessions.  Which felt like NO TIME.

So, when I ask myself what I’ve been doing?  Well, a lot.  I have two babies under three years old.  They need a lot from me.  I am working full time – that drains a tremendous amount of energy from me.  I allow myself to become immersed in whatever seems interesting in the moment – right now it is bullet journaling and hand lettering.  One might say that the distractions that I allow myself is what is keeping me from reaching some of my bigger goals.  Right now, I need those distractions.  I need whatever is going to make me happy.  So maybe I will miss out on a few goals in the short term, but I will not miss a lot of what is making me happy right now.  And I do believe that the right now is all that we have, so why not fill it with joy?

5 Minute Friday


One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Miss

  1. Working full time with two kids under three I’m amazed you find time to write at all! It is true that we need to make time for things that make us happy and not miss out on finding joy in the moment. Visiting from FMF.


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