Five Minute Friday: Pass

Today I’m participating in Kate Motaung’s 5 Minute Friday.  Kate provides a prompt each week with the permission to just write for five minutes – don’t worry about grammar, spelling, sentence structure – what spills out of you when you see that weekly prompt?

This week’s prompt was: PASS.

It’s hard to know where to start with the prompt, pass.  I usually wonder, “what is the right answer to this?”  “What exactly is the prompter meaning with the word PASS?”

But then I realize, it doesn’t matter.  My answer doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s… and that’s the whole point to this.  I think that’s my push/pull with this whole writing business – how do I get in line and be like everyone else that is thinking about “writing” something?  And then the pull is that I’m not like other “writers.”  I’m not really a writer, just a person with an itching idea.  That I can’t seem to get anywhere with because I go back and forth on theme and tone and whatchmadoodles.  The idea never gets out because I am frozen when I sit and stare at the screen.

So that’s my PASS – I pass on trying to write anything that anyone else will care about reading.  I pass on the idea that my main point – the central idea of this itch – has to be done perfectly.  I pass on the need to please others.  This story is painful.  This story is shameful.  This story is raw – and I wouldn’t be doing anything worthwhile if I am so frozen that nothing gets written. 

And now I’m ready to start my day!  Have a great weekend, friends!


6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Pass

  1. Hi, Katie, I love your perspective. You echoed what often runs through my head too. So good to meet you! I’m so glad you joined us this week. Your friend in spot #9. p.s. You might get a kick out of Ann Kroeker’s brief podcast this week on perfection and writing for fun. “Why do we writers put so much pressure on ourselves?” is the title. http://annkroeker.com/podcasts/


    1. Christina, thanks for stopping by! It’s so funny that you mention that podcast – I listened to it on my way in to work and that’s where I learned about this link up! She must have influenced my post more than I realized!! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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