Classics Spin Winner!

Earlier this week I wrote about my Classics Club Spin List. The Classics Club picked #3, which means that I'll be reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall! I really wanted to purchase this beautiful clothbound edition, but chose to be economical and went with a $.99 Kindle edition instead, haha. I have to admit, I'm a... Continue Reading →

Joining the Classics Club!

Happy Saturday, friends. This is a special edition of my Messy Marginalia and I'm here to say that I've decided to join The Classics Club! My sweet friend Laila at Big Reading Life recently joined and it looked like just the club I needed to be in! What is The Classics Club? It's a group of... Continue Reading →

Wuthering Heights — As An Adult

As I recently wrote, The Bronte Plot had me itching for some actual Brontes.  I decided to go with Wuthering Heights because it was shorter than Jane Eyre and thought that it would be more romantic. This novel was published in 1847 when Emily was 29 years old.  She died the next year (source).  Emily and... Continue Reading →

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