Rosamunde Pilcher RAL

Hello fellow readers! There’s a small group of us reading The Shell Seekers in August and we’re itching to discuss it. I am very worried about spoiling the book for anyone else, so I’ve been extra careful about what I say in the comments, but I’m ready to really dig into it! And I think the easiest way for us to have a robust discussion that allows us to hide spoilers for those not ready for them is with Discord. Discord is basically a chatroom, if you remember those from the old AOL days. I’ve opened up a server on Discord for us to gather! You can find it here: Pilcher Discussion

That link will expire over time, but let me know in the comments if you want to join the server and I will happily send you an updated link.

If you’re new to discord, that’s okay! You’ll be prompted to create a login. You can use discord in your internet browser if you choose, or you can download software for your computer and/or the app for your phone. Here is a Beginner’s Guide to Discord if you’re stuck, but I think you’ll find it very intuitive and simple to use. My advice is to jump in feet first and ask questions as you go — I will do my best to help you get settled!

All are welcome in this group! Even if you’re not reading The Shell Seekers this month but would like to follow along with the conversation. I’m also planning to read September in September 2022 and Winter Solstice in December. If there’s interest in more discussion, it is very easy for me to add more channels as we go along.

I’m so excited to chat about this book!

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