Writing Priorities

I always start these posts thinking I'm going to be wise and insightful, but come off sounding whiny. I apologize in advance, but please know that I am using my very serious and very thoughtful voice and not my but life is so unfair! voice. I want to do more. I want to create something fantastic and... Continue Reading →

One Space or Two?

My mind was recently blown. Maybe this has happened to you? I was scrolling through Twitter and taking in my daily allotment of world atrocities, when I came across this tweet: I need to have a word with whoever taught academics to put two spaces after a period. — Nicole Hemmer (@pastpunditry) June 24, 2017... Continue Reading →

2017 Check In

2017 is halfway over.  I'm not usually very oriented to time so I don't know what year we're in on any given day - I really have to think about it when I'm asked.  I don't want to think very hard about what that means for my mental health, but I hope that it illustrates... Continue Reading →

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