Jibun Techo | Week 32 in 2021

This post is a little late today — I actually had it ready to go this morning and decided not to push publish. My blogging routine is feeling so blah lately! But I’ll stick with what I have for today and figure out next week when it comes.

Last week finally felt like summer and we hid in the house under the air conditioner as much as possible. We avoided playing outside (blue highlights) more than we have in at least a year, but lounging on the couch and watching movies was a nice change of pace.

I’m happy to share that my reading roll keeps moving. All of that pink shows how often I’ve been able to settle in with good books. A perk of all this reading is the connections I’ve made over the last couple of years; I am much more apt to send a quick email to a reading buddy if something excites me or if I need to talk about a twist. Even six months ago I would have been frozen by fear to do such a thing!

Last night I started reading A Tale for the Time Being (I was planning to knit but abandoned that idea once I got sucked into the book) and it feels especially poignant to bring up in this post. I’m only about 80 pages into it and it already seems like a main theme in this novel is about how we choose to spend our time (“If you waste time, is it gone forever?”) — which is also the main theme of my Monday posts. Anyway, I’m loving it. It’s full of Japanese culture and Buddhist wisdom and it’s totally my cup of tea. I’m trying to savor it and not rush through it, but man. It is so good! I think I’ll put my knitting plans on the backburner tonight, boil water for some cocoa (it’s totally cocoa weather in New Hampshire right now), and curl up with this book. My sweater can wait!

And my final note – today is day 499 of my journaling streak. I’m hoping nothing goes wrong tomorrow and I’m able to make it to 500. I’ll keep you updated!


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  1. Wow, I have not been blogging enough that you changed journal formats 😂 Anyway, seems like a wonderful week. It was definitely way to hot here in CT last week too do to anything outdoors. And big congrats on your 500 day journaling streak! I am nearing 100 myself!


    1. Thanks Kath! Congratulations on your journaling streak – 100 days is amazing!!

      And no worries about missing the planner switch! I switched to a jibun techo at the end of April and am loving it 🙂

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    1. I read your Goodreads review before picking it up and it looks like you REALLY started enjoying it in the second half, which has me excited because I’m already loving it!!

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  2. Your journaling streak is most inspiring, and I have no doubt that you’ll be keeping it up well past 500 days!

    I am so glad that you’re feeling more comfortable reaching out to friends about books now. I have always loved reading, but I really credit the explosion I’ve had in the number of books I’ve read in the past couple of years to the connections I’ve made with other readers. I’ve not only appreciated the books I’ve read more because I’ve been able to discuss them with others who have read them, but I’ve gotten great recommendations from those same friends as we all get a better sense of the books we enjoy. (By the way, I just put Klara and the Sun on hold at the library, in large part because of your recommendation!)


  3. A Tale for the Time Being is one of the best books I’ve read in many a decade – I may be a tad overstating. I am not particularly a fiction reader but this one totally resonated with me. I listened to the audio version, mostly on walks, and then bought a print version so I could read the footnotes, etc. Continue to enjoy and congratulations on your journaling streak. One day you’ll look back and realize years have gone by and that you’ve journaled everyday … it happens. Have a great day!


    1. I love how many people truly enjoyed A Tale for the Time Being – it’s so encouraging! You’re my inspiration for daily journaling. I still remember when you posted that you had journaled for thousands of days in a row – I was awestruck!


  4. Wow 500 journaling days, you have done well. I’ m still journaling thanks to you, it has been a terrific release these last few months. Nearing 300 now, so thank you. Sharing books via blogs is great too, totally agree. Good luck with the journaling decision.


    1. Cathy! 300 is amazing! You’ve almost written for a full year. I know the last few months have been really, really hard — I’m so glad you’ve had your journals to lean on.


  5. 501 days now … I’m in awe!!! and so glad you finally got outside on Saturday – I’m sure the kiddos were ready!


      1. I tried switching to another, smaller planner, but the Jibun Techo just has a better layout for what I wanted. 🙂 I’m going to have to look for A Tale for the Time Being, it sounds similar-to-but-different-from my current reads.


      2. I also think the Jibun Techo is perfect! I used the Hobonichi Cousin for several years and loved it but wasted a lot of pages. This one is a much better fit for me. Let me know if you read A Tale for the Time Being!!


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