Stillness 2021 | A July Wobble

A big thanks to Carolyn at Your One Word for hosting this monthly check-in. This has been quite a year and I love having this link up to keep me on track. You can see all of my Stillness posts here.

I’m having a bit of a wobble with my word right now. Nothing major, and yet I still feel myself veering off-course. I started knitting again earlier this month and immediately felt the pull to hunt down my next 20 projects, buy a ton of yarn for all of my future projects, plan a trip to Rhinebeck in the fall, dust off my sewing machine, buy lots of new patterns and start printing them out, scatter them all around the basement, pick out fabric at Joann’s… did that sentence feel overwhelming and a little manic to you? Because that’s exactly how I feel on the inside.

I was hesitant to add knitting back into the mix because it’s a gateway drug for me. I knew that I’d get out of control the second my needles clinked together. I needed a few reminders to stay grounded:

  • One project at a time
  • Buy patterns and supplies when I’m ready to start the next project, not (years) in advance
  • No staying up until midnight for “one more row”
  • It’s supposed to be fun

Feels elementary, doesn’t it? Setting these guidelines makes a world of difference for me. The hardest part has been keeping my sewing impulse in check. I know that sewing is too much for me, despite wanting a wardrobe full of handmade things. One example: I’ve been wanting a pair of overalls to wear out in the garden and with a cropped sweater that I’ve been contemplating (Ravelry link). I’ve been eying this pattern for the overalls (thanks to this fun inspiration from Kath @ Backstage Knits), but… it’s all too much.

I simplified my life by ordering a pair instead. Even though it’s fast fashion, factory farmed, and doesn’t fit into my idealized handmade wardrobe, I have to be honest with myself and honor my own ability to follow through. When I have too many possibilities (knitting, sewing, quilting, reading), then I get overwhelmed and do nothing but watch TV and that’s not where I want to end up.

This post exemplifies how I’m feeling right now: scattered and unfocused. It all leaves me feeling unsettled. I’m going to enjoy the Olympics for the next couple of weeks and hopefully come back feeling refreshed and refocused. On what? I’m reminded of this check-in post I wrote in May. This year I’d hoped to create an exercise habit, spend more time writing, and embrace the slow, so I’ll try to return there. My priority will be a daily activity for my health. After that, I’ll feel better about “indulging” in a good book or a knitting project. My most focused months this year have been March and June, which is when I put exercise time front and center. I think it’s time to go back to the basics!

How is your word of the year going? Have you experienced a wobble in your focus? Is there a certain time of year you feel yourself going off-track? I can’t wait to read all of your One Little Word blog posts!

I hope to be back tomorrow with an update on reading and knitting for the week. Take good care!


9 thoughts on “Stillness 2021 | A July Wobble

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  1. I think we’ve all felt a wobble at one point or another. And I know I share with you the tendency to obsess or become fixated on a particular interest. I wish I was disciplined enough to buy supplies as I needed them for one project at a time — if you saw my stash, you’d know I was far from it! You should pat yourself on the back for recognizing the wobble and correcting it before it became an issue.

    As an aside, if you do decide to go to Rhinebeck, let me know. I am scheduled to go as of right now (I’m still waiting to see if it ends up happening), and I’d love to meet you in person if you’ll be there!


  2. Ah yes, the wobble. Some of that here too. But those overalls are too cute! I may need a pair. I am trying to find places where hand made would be lovely but store bought is just fine too. Thanks again for your willingness to be transparent.


  3. Those overalls are indeed cute! As for wobble…oh, yes. Especially during this time of the pandemic. Somehow, I’ve disciplined myself with my writing, but when it comes to books, movies, and television series, I’m wobbling all over the place. I’m thinking it’s a normal reaction to a tough time. Finally, my daughter went to Bard College, so we know the Rinebeck well. Love that area! Used to go back to visit even after she graduated.


  4. I have absolutely felt LOTS of wobbles with my word (and with previous words) so.many.times. I think those wobbles happen when growth is occurring… growth is unsettling, sometimes painful, and so necessary! (and I love those factory made overalls!)


  5. I feel wobbles all the time – hopefully before they turn into “falls flat on my face” (but not always). Those overalls are so cute … and now you have me thinking about a pair to go with my probably not-so-cropped Shifty, too!


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